Merry Xmas from Me & Genetically Altered

Here is a little Xmas custom of Genetically Altered for you, to say Merry Christmas from me.  I appreciate all your visits this year & next year there will be some more cool toys & customs to look forward to.

This blog as my project, has grown from 200 hits to over 3000 every month, which I am very pleased to see.  Not because I earn anything from it, but because it's an awesome feeling to know people from all over the world are enjoying my artwork & papertoy designs.

Have a Great Xmas & a Happy New Year

Download the Genetically Altered Xmas Elf custom here

Mechabunny "Demon Bunny" Custom

I should have posted this already but anyway, here it is.  A Mechabunny Custom I did for Nick Knite's Mech6.4 Collection
It's so cool to be a part of something like this, where multiple Artists all design different takes on the same blank template.  You can download this & all the other Mechabunny from 6.4 & previous sets from Nick's Funk Food Blog.  Go check it out & have a look at all the other cool stuff while your there.

Customisable Surfboard & Jaws Custom

Ok, I realise this is the 1st post I've made this month, but I've been playing Guild Wars quite a bit still but I'm still here, and the toys won't stop coming.

As it is the beginning of Summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought it would be a good time to share this design with you.  It is the 2nd in my "Board" series.. the 1st being the Skateboard.
This one is a Surfboard.  The download contains the pictured Jaws custom, along with the Blank version so you can do your own designs.  Which I would love to see by the way.

The model contains a spine to add rigidity to it, the dimensions of it can be found in picture form, in the included image files in the download.

Download your Customisable Surfboard Here

My 1st Magazine Feature

Recently I did a custom of the Uber Leet papertoy, & I designed the graphics on it specifically for NAG, a South African Gaming magazine.  I wasn't sure what the outcome of it would be, but they decided to include the completed template on the free DvD that circulates with the mag.  There was also a mention inside, about my blog.

This is a big step for me with regards to local exposure for my Designs & Artwork.  So big thanks to NAG & to everyone that has encouraged me to get to this point.

The success of the blog (Huuuge thx to has been awesome too, as this October is the 2nd month that I have had over 4500 page hits for that calander month.

Keep visiting me, & letting me know how i'm doing.  It's your regular visits that keep me making toys.

Genetically Altered (Mutant Size) - Baron Samedi

I didn't think I was going to get this model done before the end of October.  With the ever nearing release of Guild Wars 2, & my Hall of Monuments to be filled, I've been spending a lot of my time this month playing my favourite Online MMORPG Guild Wars.

Here it is though, the 1st custom of the Mutant Genetically Altered.  The body alone is 12 inches tall, and with the Hat.. It's a big one.
The above picture is my Test Build, so there has been graphic improvements made since this was printed.  The reason I didn't rebuild is because it's a 12 page template, & I was trying to save paper & ink.
I wanted to do Baron Samedi this because I like the look of the skeleton body paint, & have always been a fan of anything of a macabre nature.

Download your Genetically Altered - Mutant Baron Samedi Here

Halloween 2011 - Jack Skellington & CandyCorn

Time for Halloween again, & as it's my favourite Celebration, I've made two toys for you to enjoy.

The 1st is Jack Skellington using the Genetically Altered template.  There is a difference on this one though.  I used an easier build head shape.  I'm not stopping the Egghead version, but I will be using the new shape head for certain models aimed at a younger audience.
The 2nd is based on the very popular treat enjoyed around Halloween, & that is the Candy Corn.  I gave it a carved pumpkin face, I thought it made a change from seeing a pumpkin.  The cool thing about this toy is that you can fill it with Candy before closing it up & give it as a Trick or Treat pressie.  A paper toy with a purpose, after all, who doesn't like getting candy.
The last thing to say is, get them early so you can build before Halloween, & enjoy them as always.
30 days to go yet but have a Happy Halloween when it gets here.

Download Genetically Altered Jack Skellington Here
Download CandyCorn Candy holder Here

Wheelman - Blank now available

I'll be the 1st to admit, I forgot about the blank version of this toy, but I got it sorted & now it's ready to go.
The download is in Illustrator CS4 .pdf format so you can print out or open in Illustrator to do a digital custom.
Download your own Blank Wheelman Here
Email me to share pics or any digital customs with me to list on the blog

Wallpaper - Potions for Everything

A Gaming related Wallpaper.  The idea came from the vast amount of Coffee I drink while playing MMO's till late most nights.  Enjoy, & keep coming back.

This image is a small version.  Visit the Wallpapers Page for the full-size.

Tiny Tiki Custom

Finally got round to doing a custom of my Tiny Tiki template.  I wanted to do this earlier but kept getting side-tracked in to other stuff.  It's here now though & I hope you like it.
I used the same pieces as the previous blank I posted, but there are numerous other pieces to use if you want to design your own.  The download also contains the Blank in pdf (CS4) format so you can print out & design by hand, or open in Illustrator & do a digital custom.

Download the Tiny Tiki Custom & Blank Here

Enjoy the toy & please Contact Me & send me any pics of Tiki's you build using the template for me to share here with everyone.

Wheelman, Burn Rubber Edition

To start off, I'd like to say, I've been designing Paper toys for exactly 1 year.  The way I approach the designs has changed a lot from my 1st toy, but the enthusiasm hasn't dampened at all.  I'd like to think i've come quite far this past 12 months.

To celebrate, here is a new design toy.  After doing a custom of the Ye-Bot by Marko Zubak, I thought I would like to do a toy where the main feature is the Wheel, & also trying to keep an Urban Paper feel to the design.  And so Wheelman was born.
I'll be the 1st to admit that in building the above example, I put the head on slightly skew, as the spokes should be symetrical, but I hope the picture still does it justice.

The wheel on this particular custom is based on the Hyundai i30.  This is the car I drive at the moment, & I think they are awesome, so that's what I went with.  There will be other customs to come, so always keep an eye out for them.

Here's looking forward to another year of Paper Toys & Digital Art creations.  I hope you have enjoyed visiting my site, & will continue to do so.

Download Wheelman, Burn Rubber Edition Here
Download A Blank Wheelman to custom yourself Here

Genetically Altered Custom - Naruto

I'm feeling lucky this week.  Another Genetically Altered custom from my friend KapiLefty, this time it is Naruto, another Anime character.  He certainly likes his Anime.
Expect to see more from this guy, as I've already had some sneak peaks at his next couple of models.

Download Genetically Altered Naruto Custom Here 

Genetically Altered - Bleach Ichigo

I recieved a new custom of Genetically Altered today, from another South African Customiser who just started, & goes by the tag KapiLefty.  The custom is of Ichigo from the popular Anime series Bleach.
Using the Template of the Jason Mask, he has turned it into the Hollow Mask.  A type of mask worm by a handful of the characters.

Hopefully we will see more from KapiLefty, but for now enjoy the custom.

Download the Bleach Ichigo custom Here

Desktop Wallpapers 1280 x 800

I have made 2 Wallpapers so far, & although I haven't made multiple formats, they are in widescreen, so should stretch to fit nicely.  The images below are full size, so just click on them to bring up the full version on screen, then "Right Click" to save.

Genetically Altered
The 1st is shown on a previous post, but I made a couple of small changes so here it is again.  This is my Genetically Altered Blank on his own Wallpaper.

Leeroy Vs Deathstar
This next one is an older picture of mine, but I recently vectored it so I could resize perfectly & add my logo.  As you can see, it's a play on the infamous Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft given a Star Wars makeover.

The idea & original sketch was mine, but the paintover was done by a Graphic Artist friend of mine called Din, using Painter 11.  I then traced it in Illustrator CS4 which took a few trys to get the settings correct on the trace, & added my logo for the wallpaper.

I hope you enjoy these, & I will post more as I do them.  Thanks for visiting & keep checking back.

Genetically Altered Custom - Severen by Abz

I recieved an email today, & the contents made me smile very much.  Abz from Oh-Sheet Papertoys had sent me a custom of Genetically Altered.
And what a custom it is.  This character is named Severen, & in the words of Abz "Severen, was actually inspired by the name ‘Genetically Altered’. He possesses extraordinary power and isn’t necessarily concerned with trying to hide it." complete with his own Baseball Cap.

Abz says she had fun customising the template, & I certainly was happy to recieve it.  Thanks Abz, & I will custom one of your toys soon.

Download the Genetically Altered Severen Custom Here

If anyone would like to custom Genetically Altered, I can supply you with the Blank template in CS4 .ai or .eps format.  Just use the Contact Tab & send me an email requesting which format you'd like.

Custom - NAG Fan Art Uber Leet

I made this custom of Uber Leet as Fan art for NAG, a South African Gaming magazine.  It wasn't a requested piece but they like to run a small article where readers send in artwork containing the NAG logo.

I decided to send them this custom of my Uber Leet template.  I will wait & see if they share it in the mag, but for now, I will share the link to download.

Download the Nag Fan Art Uber Leet Custom Here

Ye-Bot by Marko Zubak - Drift Racer Custom

This template has always been one of my favourites.  I'm slowly working through all the templates I like, customising them one by one.

This time it's the Ye-Bot by Marko Zubak.  With it's big round body, I couldn't resist but go with the whole Car wheel thing.  So Drift Racer came about, as I used an older car tattoo of mine which fitted very nice.
The wheel was a challenge, but fun to do.  I like seeing big Chrome on a car, so I wanted to get it just right.  The design is based around the 2011 Cadillac Escalade 22 Inch Chrome Wheel - CK366.

Please visit Marko's site & download the Custom, & check out all the other cool things while you are there.

Hex the Skull - Dia de los Muertos Custom

Ever since designing Hex, I've wanted to do a Sugar skull custom on it.  This is how it turned out.  I had no real plan, I sketched some basic curves & lines, then basically went on from there.
Sugar skulls are decorated skulls made from sugar.  The skull represents the death, & the sugar represents how sweet life is.  They are used as part of the "Dia de los Muertos" in Mexico, on the 2nd November.

This give you plenty of time to download & build the skull.  The download contains the Blank version, so you can even make your own, just remember to send me Photo's using the Contact Tab

Download the Hex - Dia de los Muertos Custom Here

Bottle of Awesome Sauce

I had this template started so long ago, but there was a couple of problems in the model I couldn't sort, & also I wasn't ready to custom it.  I worked out how to solve the issues on the 3D model, & I couldn't wait custom the blank, so here it is.  A bottle of Awesome Sauce.

The term is used a lot in gaming, or at least it is when I play :), but it's basically used to imply that something is the best it could be.
The "1337" featured in the barcode is also a gaming term.  It's the number used to say "Leet" which is short for Elite.

Enjoy your Awesome sauce.  The download also contains the Blank in .png, .eps, & CS4 .ai format.

Download the Awesome Sauce template Here

Genetically Altered - Pinhead, Killer Series No.2

Ok, as promised, the 2nd in the Killer Series of Genetically Altered Customs.  This one is the unmistakeable Pinhead, from the Hellraiser Movie franchise... and with actual pins.

I didn't see any better way of completeing the model, except by using pins.  Small tubes of rolled up paper was one of my options but I didn't like the look of it.  I'm sure if you're going to also use pins they are readily available from department stores.  Just be careful when inserting them, we don't want any accidents.

Watch out for more customs in this Killer Series, your visits are always appreciated.

Download Genetically Altered - Pinhead, Killer Series No.2 Here

Le'Geg by Bodickraft - Slamdunk Custom

I've been customising a few templates by other very cool Paper-toy artists recently.  The 1st of which is Le'Geg by Bodickraft.  You may remember that he did the very 1st Genetically Altered Custom called Bad-Day.  Now I have returned the favour.

My idea was to give it a Basketball theme as the toy is quite tall & slim.  So, I designed the Backboard & Hoop artwork, & called the template SlamDunk.  The whole thing was a pleasure to do.  It's a great template to customise as the shapes are very nice to work with.
Enjoy the toy, & please visit Bodickraft blog to download & check out his other toys while you are there.

Download the Le'Geg SlamDunk custom Here

Genetically Altered - Jason Vorhees, Killer Series No.1

After recently posting a Jason Vorhees Mask as an Accessory for Genetically Altered, a friend of mine suggested to do the full custom.  I thought about the idea, then decided, I want to do a few others & they all seem to have a theme, so the "Killer Series" begins.

No.1 is Jason Vorhees, from "Friday the 13th" Movies.  The reason I did Jason 1st, he is 1 of the most popular icons of recent Horror Movie Killers.
While humming "The man behind the mask" by Alice Cooper & making random "Ch ch ch, Ah ah ah" sounds, I managed to produce my most detailed custom so far.  Time has always been an issue & not having a lot to experiment, it's taken me a while to get to this point, but the learning curve has taken a steep rise recently & I understand the in's & out's of Illustrator a whole lot better than I used to.

Killer Series - well as I said, I'm starting this series with Jason, but look out for Pinhead from the Hellraiser Movies, & an old favourite of mine Baron Samedi from Voodoo lore, & an appearance in "Live & Let Die" the James Bond Movie.  I will have to come up with a couple more also, so definitely sign up by email on the blog so you can be the 1st to get them.

Download Killer series No.1, Jason Vorhees Here

Enjoy as always, & keep visiting me :)

Vector - Tribal Tattoo's

These are some of the designs I did for Car Tattoo's years ago.  I've been using them as practice for Illustrator.  It's really good experience using the Pen Tool for tracing, & any problems I encounter, it forces me to find the answer.  I've learned a lot by doing just these 3 designs.  I hope you enjoy them.

These are .png Images, you can click on them to get the full size version & Right Click to Save.

The .ai Vectors are available for Download from my deviantART Gallery

If you're looking for inspiration for a colored image for a Car Decal, or to be transformed into a Tattoo, check out the Killer Snake I did.

Use them however you wish, but email me some pictures using the Contact Tab on this Blog.

Friday the 13th - Jason Vorhees Mask & Dagger

This is a customised Accessory for Genetically Altered, but it looks pretty cool on it's own.

While I was creating the blank version for the upcoming collection of Extra Parts for Altered, I couldn't resist trying a custom myself.  The Mask template can be used for any type of custom, like a Predator Mask for example, but when I made the shape, I had Jason Vorhees in mind.

I hit a few hiccups along the way which took a bit of "How to do" type searching on the internet for tutorials, but it got finished, & here is my paper version on the Iconic Hockey Mask.  As you will see, I also added the Knife.  So, grab yourself a blank Genetically Altered, and jazz it up with a bit of Gruesome goodness.
 Just click the Image for the full-size version, & Right Click to Save.

The Blank has been added to a six page pack currently W.i.P of Parts & Accessories.  I will do a PDF of the blanks to print & build.  Plus, i'm going to add the .ai & .eps file for easier customising.  Keep checking back, as i'm adding stuff all the time for Genetically Altered.

Full on customs are in the pipeline.  all along the same gruesome theme.  Im going to finish Jason, plus I plan to do Pinhead from Hellraiser, & of course the Archetype Witchdoctor.

Genetically Altered - Blank 14" Mutant Version

Last month I posted a version on this toy that was 14" Tall & had a Camoflage skin.  I didn't have the blank ready though, because I had already decided I was going to change a few things on the template.  After re-doing the template as the standard size, now the Mutant Version is available.

Standing at just over 14 Inches Tall, this is such a cool toy to see built.  As a bonus, it will stand perfectly on the Paper Skateboard, which you can also download if you haven't already.  Get the Blank Board Here or the Crush Custom Board Here.

I have a custom in mind for this already.  How long it will take me to do is another matter, but it will be worked on.  I am currently going through all the accessories for the Standard Version, and creating .ai templates for them so they can be customised.  Once that is done, I can work our the scale difference & make them for this template.  So accessories will come.

Download your own Blank Genetically Altered 14" Mutant Here

SA Funakoshi Gashuku 2011 Penguin Pictures

A short while ago I posted a Penguin Papertoy for the local Gordon's Bay Funakoshi club, to build during their Gashuku in early May this year.  All the members were given a copy of the template to build as team excercise.  Here are some pictures of them having fun with it.

I'm currently working on something for their Trip to Germany at the end of June.

Vector Snake design - WiP

This is a design im working on.  Not for any particular reason, I just wanted to design something that i thought looked cool.

The picture was hand drawn, then scanned in.  After which I used Illustrator to draw over the original, & added some colors & gradients etc.

I am however stuck now.  I can't figure out the best way to achieve the scales on the snake, apart from hand drawing every one.  The scales in the hand drawing are somewhat overstated.  I'd like to achieve a slightly more subtle effect.  I will have to consult some design guru's & attempt to discover the answer.

I guess pushing my limits is the best way to learn.

Just click the images to get full size.

UPDATE 17/08/2011:  I finally finished this Image, & here it is for you to enjoy.  Hope it was worth the wait.

Genetically Altered - Speaker Phone Custom

I was looking for inspiration on a custom for this template, & the idea of the phone buttons sprung to mind.  After which, adding speakers seemed a good move, hence the name Speaker Phone.  This custom is also on the new shape of Genetically Altered.

I have added customisation to a couple of my templates before now, but nothing too fancy.  This is the 1st custom done purely in Illustrator.  There is a long way to go before I get to the level of proficiency I want to be, but I have grasped the basics & that is a start.
After building the model featured in the above photo.  I made a few changes to the buttons & the Gradient on the head piece, before creating the PDF for the model.

While doing the custom, I wasn't too happy with the speakers I made, so I used a Vector resource from Dragonartz.  If it's vector resource you're after, I would recommend this site as there are some amazing vectors on there.  So I gotta say thx for the speaker.

Download the Speaker Phone custom Here
Download the Blank for this template Here
Download the Mutant 14" Blank Here

Vector - Genetically Altered Illustrator Symbols

I can't seem to leave Illustrator (CS4) alone at the moment.  I guess it's because i'm finally starting to get to grips with it, & discovering just how powerful it is for creating Graphics.

I wanted a couple of Logo style images that I could use as my own resource when creating templates for Genetically Altered.  After a day of playing around with various features, I came up with these.
This image is a .png preview of the Illustrator Symbols, so you can click to get full size, & Save.

The one on the left I tried to resemble almost an Urban Vinyl appearance, & the right hand one is just a Silhouette.

The Illustrator CS4 file can be Downloaded from my deviantART page.

If you use them in anything, please just let me see the result, & maybe a link to this blog.  Thanks

Vector - Phone Pad

I am currently working on a custom for Genetically Altered, & want to try & do the whole process using just Illustrator.  I needed to create a phone pad, & after i'd done the buttons, it seemed like a cool idea to play around & jazz it up a bit.  This is what I ended up with.
The vector file is available on my deviantART page, so please go ahead & grab the file if you want to use it for anything.  It was created in Illustrator CS4.  If you do use it, just send me a link of picture or the result as I would love to see it.

The Download for this Vector is Here

Throwback, the Evolutionary Mutation

From the Paper DNA Lab that created Genetically Altered, comes Throwback.  During their experiments, a few mutations where created before they reached the perfect Specimen.  The 1st of which is Throwback.

Ape like in appearance, with his dragging knuckles, & large shoulders, He relies on Brawn not Brains.
Although I have decided to focus on Genetically Altered, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a bit of back story, including the Lab that created him, & a few of the other Mutations that were also created as a result.  I will see where this idea goes over the next few months.

The template has a a lot of nice shapes.  The edging can be tricky to do, but patience & perseverance is the key.  The download contains .png files for easy Print & Build, & I have included the .eps for easier digital customising.

Download your Blank Throwback Here

Please share any Pictures & Custom Templates with me, so I can post them here to share with everyone.

Here are a couple of pictures sent in by Andrew Shulyk from Vinnitsa in the Ukraine.  Made from Blue cardstock with eyes & mouth added using extra paper.

Genetically Altered Wallpaper

Here is my 1st attempt at creating a Wallpaper.

As I am focusing on the Genetically Altered DNA Lab theme, I chose that as the basis for the Image.  To give credit where credit is due, the resources used are

BP Molecules Font by Backpacker
DNA Strains Vectors by DragonArtz

Click on the image to get the Full size version, then Right click & Save.

Hope you enjoy & Feedback is always appreciated

DNA changes for Genetically Altered

After some experimenting with Genetically Altereds' Paper DNA, I made a few slight changes that I believe are improvements on the model.  The body is now identical at the Front & Back, plus the arms are more rounded at the hand & he has grown shoulders.
I don't have any plans to reshape his DNA again, so this will be the final shape for this toy.  I think you will agree with me that this shape is an improvement.

This download comes with a .png format with basic instructions, plus the .eps for those that may find this format easier for Customising.  I have also included all current accessories, but only in .png format.

With this new DNA, & all the accessories, there are so many customising options, & i'm sure there are many things you can do with this model that aren't listed here.  Seeing this toy customised over & over again is the reason I created it, & list it for free.  So, build away & share with me all your creations.

Download your own Blank Genetically Altered with reshaped DNA Here
Download the Mutant 14" version of this template Here

There are No Limits, just your Imagination

Template updates on earlier Models

Due to my increased understanding on how to build Paper toys, & how to lay out the templates.  Plus the fact that my own knowledge of the software used to create better looking templates has improved.  I have decided to re-do some of my earlier Model templates.

The posts are still there but the old template downloads have been removed, & replaced with updated versions.  This shouldn't change the look of the completed toys, just the Aesthetics of the template, & improvements on the tabs for building etc.

If you have these templates already, please grab the new ones.  If you didn't get them before, then go get them now.  The templates changed are:

Rockface - Paper Toy
Customisable Paper Mug
10-Pin - Bowling Pin Toy

Gashuku 2011 Penguin

The local Funakoshi Dojo Sensai asked me to make a Toy Mascot for the 2011 South African Gashuku in May.  When he mentioned he wanted a penguin, because the theme will be Happy Feet, I instantly thought, there is a lot of paper penguin already out there, but I wanted to give it a go.

My customising has improved over the last month or so, & although it's still a challenge, I hope you agree, it turned out ok.  Dr Gert Smit who requested the toy was happy with the finished Model, so I guess I achieved my goal.
The download contains the Penguin template with the Funakoshi SA logo, and Gashuku print on it, plus a template with just the standard Penguin.

Download the Gashuku Penguin Here