Genetically Altered - 4 Size Pack

Along my paper journey, I created the template Genetically Altered, which, true to it's name, has altered over time.  There have been 3 versions so far.

1. Standard 7" with an egg shaped head
2. Mutant 14" with an egg shaped head
3. Simple 7" with a simplified head

So, I decided to tweak the template again & release this & the 3 previous versions as a pack.  This time, instead of the egg head being made into a Mutant, the simple version has been shrunk into a 3.5" Mini.

Grab all 4 now, & get customising.  The download contains the files in .ai format & unlocked .pdf's, so whether you want to customise by hand or digitally, you're covered.

I'd love to see any results, so please send me any images of finished builds, or digital templates that I can share here with everyone.

Download your own set of Genetically Altered templates Here