Genetically Altered - Anti Poaching Mascot

On an earlier post, I mentioned being involved in the GW2SA gaming community, & their efforts to promote an Anti-Poaching Initiative against Rhino's.

This toy is the Mascot, & sports a T-shirt with the Logo for this initiative on the front, & the slogan "Poach Eggs, Not Rhino's" on the back.  Using the Genetically Altered template, it turned out very cute, & just what I'd hoped, but the message behind it is extremely serious.

The community has a Facebook page & would appreciate it if you would go & Like the page.  Whether you download the toy or not, please show your support for this cause.

Download, build, & take a photo of the toy wherever you are in the world.  Then use the Contact Me tab & send me the pic to show on the community blog.  This will show international awareness of their ideas.

Thanks for reading & enjoy the Toy.

Download your own Anti-Rhino Poaching Mascot Here

Monster Truck

This is just a blank at the moment, but there will be a custom to follow.  I wanted to share now, as it will take me a little while to do the custom, and I wanted to post some content for you.

This is a Monster Truck, that has springy suspension & moving wheels.  Possible the longest build model I've done so far, but one of my favourites.

The file is in PDF format, so can just be printed & customised by hand, or if you feel up to it, it can also be opened in PS or Illustrator CS4, & digitally customised.

Download your own customisable Monster Truck Here

Coming Soon - Monster Truck Blank

I decided for this model to release the blank before starting on a Custom.  The same way I did when I 1st started out.  So keep watching, as this will be available in the next few days to download,  add your own design, & build.

Poach Eggs, Not Rhino's

I was asked recently if I'd be interested in helping with an initiative that GW2SA were starting, with regards to the poaching & killing of Rhino's in South Africa.

GW2SA are a gaming community who all play Guild Wars 2 together, & I am pleased to be a member of said alliance.

They conjured a dream of having a herd of Ghostly Rhino, strolling around the Plains of Ascalon, an area within the game, to help promote awareness of the plight of this endangered species.  Alongside a Facebook page, a Blog, and rallying ArenaNet to get on board.

A big dream indeed, but not one that should be ignored.

I gladly accepted the request of creating some Banners, & a Logo for the Initiative, & below is what I came up with.

If you would like to show support, then please go & like the Facebook page, or follow the Blog (which is empty at the moment but will fill up as we progress.)

If you would like to use the banners to also help promote this initiative, then open the images & save.  (They are in .png format, with translucent backgrounds.)

Thank you for reading & please spread the word.