Toy No.9 - Plugger, The free Ad Toy

I've been working on a few templates in December, but because of the Holiday season, I've not got around to posting them.  Until now that is.  Here is the 1st of 3, the others will be ready in the next week or so.

If you feel you need for a bit more self advertising in 2011, then here is the perfect place to start.  It's time to plug yourself.

Plugger came about because my good lady wanted me to make a Toy that she could print her Business card on, & place on a shelf in her Surgery.  With that specification, I decided to make it sit down, & have the head/body as the business card.  It took a few size efforts to get it right, or at least a size that will fit a decent banner.
Most business cards should fit into the banner sizing of 491 x 302 pixels.  If not, a little bit of playing around with your image should work.  As long as you keep to the Max size.

I've put together the Blank version as always & also there is a simple "Playing with Art" Version with my banner on it.
You can of course just design a face to go on the front, it doesn't have to be specifically for Banners or Business cards.  If you find a very unique use for it, let me know.

Download your Blank Plugger Here

Any pics or customs, you can Share with me if you would like to see them on this blog.  Enjoy as always, & have a great New Years Eve.

Chinese Art on Canvas

One of the things I did in the run up to Xmas, was to do some Art on canvas.  It was for a gift, so I had to finish it before Christmas, but wasn't going to post until after, as I didn't want the recipient to see it before hand.
The symbols mean Prosperity, Longevity & Luck.  Most of the paint was applied using just fingers & a stick.  I wanted to try doing it this way, as this is an ancient chinese practise.

It was well recieved, so I was happy.

Free Range Paper Egg

Im working on a larger project which I will post when I finally finish it, but I won't let you know what it is just yet.  Part of the project includes the toy that features on my Logo.  You may have wondered why that hasn't appeared on the site for download.

I just thought I'd share part of it for now.  The Head works well on it's own, & decorating eggs has been a craft for a lot longer than I've been around.
Whether you do digital customising or a more traditional method of decorating,  An egg has always been fun to work with.  Creating the head of a well known character, or just giving it some patterns.

Download your Paper Egg Here

Please Share any templates or pictures with me, that you would like to see on here.

Paper T-Shirt Customs

After seeing the design for Paper T-shirts by Rob Ives, I had to have a go at making a custom or two.  I must say, the template is simple yet awesome.  Definite thumbs up from me.  Click on the link above & check out his site.  Well worth the trip.
Im starting to experiment more with the digital art, but im far from being where I want to be with regards to skill.  Practice makes perfect, or so the saying goes, so here are a couple of designs I did.  Enjoy, & i'm sure i'll do more soon.
Click on the templates to get full size version, then "Save As".

Comments on my progress would be appreciated, & keep coming back to visit.