Genetically Altered - Bleach Ichigo

I recieved a new custom of Genetically Altered today, from another South African Customiser who just started, & goes by the tag KapiLefty.  The custom is of Ichigo from the popular Anime series Bleach.
Using the Template of the Jason Mask, he has turned it into the Hollow Mask.  A type of mask worm by a handful of the characters.

Hopefully we will see more from KapiLefty, but for now enjoy the custom.

Download the Bleach Ichigo custom Here

Desktop Wallpapers 1280 x 800

I have made 2 Wallpapers so far, & although I haven't made multiple formats, they are in widescreen, so should stretch to fit nicely.  The images below are full size, so just click on them to bring up the full version on screen, then "Right Click" to save.

Genetically Altered
The 1st is shown on a previous post, but I made a couple of small changes so here it is again.  This is my Genetically Altered Blank on his own Wallpaper.

Leeroy Vs Deathstar
This next one is an older picture of mine, but I recently vectored it so I could resize perfectly & add my logo.  As you can see, it's a play on the infamous Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft given a Star Wars makeover.

The idea & original sketch was mine, but the paintover was done by a Graphic Artist friend of mine called Din, using Painter 11.  I then traced it in Illustrator CS4 which took a few trys to get the settings correct on the trace, & added my logo for the wallpaper.

I hope you enjoy these, & I will post more as I do them.  Thanks for visiting & keep checking back.

Genetically Altered Custom - Severen by Abz

I recieved an email today, & the contents made me smile very much.  Abz from Oh-Sheet Papertoys had sent me a custom of Genetically Altered.
And what a custom it is.  This character is named Severen, & in the words of Abz "Severen, was actually inspired by the name ‘Genetically Altered’. He possesses extraordinary power and isn’t necessarily concerned with trying to hide it." complete with his own Baseball Cap.

Abz says she had fun customising the template, & I certainly was happy to recieve it.  Thanks Abz, & I will custom one of your toys soon.

Download the Genetically Altered Severen Custom Here

If anyone would like to custom Genetically Altered, I can supply you with the Blank template in CS4 .ai or .eps format.  Just use the Contact Tab & send me an email requesting which format you'd like.

Custom - NAG Fan Art Uber Leet

I made this custom of Uber Leet as Fan art for NAG, a South African Gaming magazine.  It wasn't a requested piece but they like to run a small article where readers send in artwork containing the NAG logo.

I decided to send them this custom of my Uber Leet template.  I will wait & see if they share it in the mag, but for now, I will share the link to download.

Download the Nag Fan Art Uber Leet Custom Here