Dragon Scales Photoshop Style

I made a dragon scales pattern in Ai, then colored it in Photoshop.  I then used this pattern to create the Dragon Scales Style.

Click on the image to Download at deviantArt

Crime Scene Tape Photoshop Style

This is a Photoshop style, based on the striped Crime Scene Tape.  Please enjoy, and comment if you use it.

Click on the image to Download at deviantArt

Snowy Style

This is a style I did for the upcoming Holiday Season.  Please enjoy & comments are always welcome.

Click on the image to Download from deviantArt

Asking for your support for a good cause.

Hi everyone.  I don't tend to post anything too serious on this blog, and everything I put on this site is free, but I have a small request.

A fellow designer iDad, has reached out for support, looking after his Sister who through an accident became Quadriplegic.  If you can help please follow the link below for details.

Gaming Badge

This is a badge I made for use with Gaming Avatars, Signatures, Web Banners etc.  Feel free to save it & use it.

Just click to get full size version, the Right Click to Save As.

Photoshop Scanlines Overlay

On a recent Steampunk image, I wanted scanlines on the Screen section.  I have turned the scanlines into a .pat & a large .png overlay.  You can get both by clicking on the image & downloading from deviantArt.

Please leave a comment with a link to what you do with it, I would really love to see it.

Customisable Button Bage PSD

This is a customisable button badge.  I made it as part of a bigger project I've been working on but it works great on it's own so thought I'd share this now.

It's a PSD with 7 layers.  All the shading & highlights are adjustable independently, & also the main color & image are also customisable.  The end result is a digital pin badge of your making.

Click on the image to Download from deviant Art.

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper / Poster

I just finished a wallpaper using a normal Pumpkin image.  Using Photoshop I turned it into what you see below.  You can use it as a Desktop Wallpaper, or even add your own text in the bottom left blank section to use as a Poster for a Halloween Party or just to hang outside your house.

Shrunken Head - Halloween 2013

Halloween approaches once more, so it's time to give you a toy to celebrate.  I decided to do a long overdue custom of the Shrunken Head template, & also redo the original blank for digital customising.

I have included 2 colors in the download with instructions on how to make the hair.

Download you own Shrunken Head custom Here.
Download the Blank Shrunken Head template Here.

If you missed any previous Halloween toys, please go check them out, & build the whole collection.

Jack Skellington Custom
Candy Corn Giftbox
Baron Samedi 14" Custom
Pinhead Custom
Jason Vorhees Custom
Hex the Skull, Dia de los Muertos - Custom

Happy Halloween

Halloween Candy Corn Layer Style

With 1 month to go till Halloween, here is a Photoshop Layer style to help you make your posters & invites etc for your partys.

Download from deviantArt.  Enjoy

Steampunk GW2 Wallpaper

I'm working on a wallpaper for my new PC, and.. oh yeah!!  I got a new PC.  It's a lot faster than my previous one, with a much better GPU.

Anyways, back on topic.  The wallpaper.  I really like the Steampunk look, and wanted to incorporate my other online passion of GW2, so here is what I have so far.

I want to add more detail, so it's look awesome, and I have no time limit on it, so I can experiment as I go, and swap things up as my skill level improves.

Customisable Web Banner

This is a basic Banner.  Made using Illustrator & Photoshop.  Each aspect of the banner is on a separate layer for easy coloring & adding layer fx.

The curved text is a Vector Smart Object, so Illustrator will be needed to edit.  If you just have PS, you can always delete the Vector layer, and add your own text using Photoshop.

Click on the image for the Download at my deviantArt page.

PC Game or Small Book - PSD Mock-up

This is a Mock-up template which can be used for either a PC game box, or a small paperback book.  All you need to do is use the Smart Objects in the Photoshop file, to change the Front cover and the Spine.

The reflection will automatically reflect the changes you made.  The background can be chaged or removed to suit your needs.

Leave a comment with a link so I can see how you used it please.  It's always nice to see what people are doing.

Click on the image for the Download, at my deviantArt page.

Scrabble Tile, Vector & PSD

I created a scrabble tile as a backing for text.  Done in Ai, then exported to Photoshop to apply lettering.  Nothing too flash, but if it can be of any use, feel free to use it.

Click on the Image below for the Download at my deviantArt page.

I only did the tile, and added an A as an example, so you will have to put the letters on yourself.

Smart Template Arcade Machine.

This project took me a little while to get how I wanted it, but I got there in the end.  The hardest part was vector drawing the buttons & joysticks.

The completed PSD file, has multiple Vector Smart Objects, and Photoshop Smart Objects.  The result of which, means every section of the machine is easily customisable.  This does mean you will need Photoshop & Illustrator to customise the Machine.

Some of the highlights are done using the Gradient Mesh tool, so a basic knowledge of how to edit them will be required, but it really isn't that hard.  It's just a case of re-coloring each of the anchor points to the desired color.

The image below shows the standard PSD version, and 2 customs that I did.

Please click on the image & get your own copy of the PSD file, from the deviantArt Page.  Let me know if you use it by commenting here or on deviantArt, then I can share it on the blog.

Woodhaven Warriors - Jacket Finished

The requested piece I did about a month ago, for the Woodhaven Warriors Jacket Logo, is now finished.

The file was sent to the Embroiders, and below is the final result, worn by the recipient of the new Jacket.

I think the jacket turned out awesome, and it's a real bonus for me to see the final result.

This is the original post.

Movie & Camera Film Resources.

This a mixed pack of resources.  Covering Movie film, Camera Film, & a bit of Hollywood thrown in too.  The pack contains .pngs, .psd files, .ai vector files, & Brushes for Photoshop.  Ideal to print & cut-out for scrap-booking use.

Hope you enjoy using it, and will let me see what you do with it.

Click on the image for the Download at deviantArt

Magma Photoshop Style

This photoshop style is based on a Magma appearance.  I played around with the link between pattern & texture which can make for a really glossy deep textured style.

Click on the image for the download at my deviantArt page.

Alien Skin Photoshop Style

I wanted to do an Alien Skin style, so I went & photographed my own texture, using a textured plaster on an outside wall.  After playing around a bit with the blending options & fx, This is what I ended up with.  Hope you like it.

Click on the image for the Download at my deviantArt page.

Melting Vinyl Photoshop Brush

This brush is an improved version of a vinyl vector that I made a while ago for a wallpaper.  I added some more detail & lighting to the vinyl, and tidied up the drips.

I now have it to share as a brush, along with a png & the .ai file for Vector use in Illustrator.

Click on the image for the download at deviantArt.

Grilled Photoshop Style

This photoshop style is based on a car intake grill.  The overall effect gives it a badge look.  Please enjoy.  Click on the Image for the download at deviantArt.

4th July Photoshop Style

As it's the 4th July today, I thought I would upload another Photoshop Style for everyone.

Happy 4th July to all celebrating.

Click on the image to go to the deviantArt page.

Monster Truck - Magma Custom

Finally, I finished a new custom.  Fingers crossed my work will be more frequent again.  With that said, here it is.  A custom of the most recent blank I did, The Monster Truck.

I did a lot of it in Photoshop instead of Illustrator like usual, & was able to use a Magma texture I created, which is something I wanted to do for a long time.

I hope you like it, and thanks for visiting me.  Please pick up the Blank, and have a go at making your own design, then let me know so I can share it here with everyone.

Download your own Magma Monster Truck custom Here

Woodhaven Warriors Logo

I recently came across a post on Photoshop Guru's, asking for help with a logo.  The logo was for Woodhaven Warriors.   They already have a logo, but they were struggling to increase the size to 10" for a Jacket embroidery template.

I really enjoy doing pen tool vectors, so I jumped at the chance to help.  I traced the small image, rounding off some of the finer details.  The end result was a 10" vector of the Native American Cheif.

The actual image needed to be in white so I gave it a background to make it visible for general viewing.  I can't wait to see the Jacket they make with this on the back.

So, If your in the area of Woodhaven, go and support the teams, & say Hi from Me.

Magic Wand Image

Just posting an image to show progression in the Photoshop skills.  It's a Wand from Guild Wars that was drawn as a Vector in Illustrator, but I exported it to Photoshop & added some effects.
Quite basic, but I'm trying to work through all the basic skills that I need to get proficient in.  Then hopefully one day, I can achieve the level of skill I'd like to be at.

Circuit Board Photoshop Style

I'm messing about with masking techniques at the moment but couldn't resist adding another Style to the blog.  I created a circuit board pattern in Illustrator, as I wanted to use it to mask out areas on a face, like part man / part machine type of effect.

I decided to use it on a style 1st, so here it is.

Just click on the image to go to the correct deviantArt page.

Let me know what you think & link me any uses please, so I can see what you do.

Photoshop Styles

I have been straying away from paper toys recently, as I've been spending a lot of time learning Photoshop.  I tended to work exclusively in Illustrator for the graphic side of the paper toys, as it suited my needs perfectly.

As my desire to increase my Graphic Design skills grew, I decided to turn my attention to the Ps, & see what I can learn.  After many hours checking out a lot of Tutorials, & testing what does what, I still have a long way to go to reach the level I am in Illustrator but I am ready to share some of my output.

Here are 4 Photoshop Styles that can be applied to Text, or Custom shapes if desired.  I hope you enjoy them & please download & use them if you want.  My only request is that you email me the result so I can see what you did.

Just click on any of the images & they will take you to the correct page on my DeviantArt Gallery.

Please keep checking back on my blog, as I haven't stopped making paper toys, there will be more.  There will also be some more Photoshop resources in the mix.

Genetically Altered - 4 Size Pack

Along my paper journey, I created the template Genetically Altered, which, true to it's name, has altered over time.  There have been 3 versions so far.

1. Standard 7" with an egg shaped head
2. Mutant 14" with an egg shaped head
3. Simple 7" with a simplified head

So, I decided to tweak the template again & release this & the 3 previous versions as a pack.  This time, instead of the egg head being made into a Mutant, the simple version has been shrunk into a 3.5" Mini.

Grab all 4 now, & get customising.  The download contains the files in .ai format & unlocked .pdf's, so whether you want to customise by hand or digitally, you're covered.

I'd love to see any results, so please send me any images of finished builds, or digital templates that I can share here with everyone.

Download your own set of Genetically Altered templates Here

Genetically Altered - Anti Poaching Mascot

On an earlier post, I mentioned being involved in the GW2SA gaming community, & their efforts to promote an Anti-Poaching Initiative against Rhino's.

This toy is the Mascot, & sports a T-shirt with the Logo for this initiative on the front, & the slogan "Poach Eggs, Not Rhino's" on the back.  Using the Genetically Altered template, it turned out very cute, & just what I'd hoped, but the message behind it is extremely serious.

The community has a Facebook page & would appreciate it if you would go & Like the page.  Whether you download the toy or not, please show your support for this cause.

Download, build, & take a photo of the toy wherever you are in the world.  Then use the Contact Me tab & send me the pic to show on the community blog.  This will show international awareness of their ideas.

Thanks for reading & enjoy the Toy.

Download your own Anti-Rhino Poaching Mascot Here

Monster Truck

This is just a blank at the moment, but there will be a custom to follow.  I wanted to share now, as it will take me a little while to do the custom, and I wanted to post some content for you.

This is a Monster Truck, that has springy suspension & moving wheels.  Possible the longest build model I've done so far, but one of my favourites.

The file is in PDF format, so can just be printed & customised by hand, or if you feel up to it, it can also be opened in PS or Illustrator CS4, & digitally customised.

Download your own customisable Monster Truck Here

Coming Soon - Monster Truck Blank

I decided for this model to release the blank before starting on a Custom.  The same way I did when I 1st started out.  So keep watching, as this will be available in the next few days to download,  add your own design, & build.

Poach Eggs, Not Rhino's

I was asked recently if I'd be interested in helping with an initiative that GW2SA were starting, with regards to the poaching & killing of Rhino's in South Africa.

GW2SA are a gaming community who all play Guild Wars 2 together, & I am pleased to be a member of said alliance.

They conjured a dream of having a herd of Ghostly Rhino, strolling around the Plains of Ascalon, an area within the game, to help promote awareness of the plight of this endangered species.  Alongside a Facebook page, a Blog, and rallying ArenaNet to get on board.

A big dream indeed, but not one that should be ignored.

I gladly accepted the request of creating some Banners, & a Logo for the Initiative, & below is what I came up with.

If you would like to show support, then please go & like the Facebook page, or follow the Blog (which is empty at the moment but will fill up as we progress.)

If you would like to use the banners to also help promote this initiative, then open the images & save.  (They are in .png format, with translucent backgrounds.)

Thank you for reading & please spread the word.