Baseball Caps Series One

The Baseball Cap template of mine has been around for a while now, & it's about time I shared some Customs with you.  The 1st custom I did, was a special for, & will be available exclusively from the site.

This bundle contains the Blank, so you can do your own version, plus 8 other Customs which I've listed under the Image.  I've also added a link at the bottom of the post for the Illustrator CS4 .ai file, so you can do a digital custom.  If you want your custom adding to Series 2, just email me the finished template.
Series One

Blank by Sinner
Burn Rubber by Sinner
Cross by Greenelf
Digital Hero by Sinner
Greenelf by Greenelf
Jack Skellington by Sinner
Mo-Money by Greenelf
R2-D2 by Sinner
Stars by Margaret293

The picture only shows 4 of them so download the whole set & build to see the rest.  Have fun, & send me any pics or templates of your own designs to share on this blog.

A big thankyou to Greenelf & Margaret293 for the customs on this Series, I really appreciate it.

Download Baseball Caps Series One Here
Download CS4 Illustrator Blank template Here

MARA Alliance Logo Design

I'm just throwing a few ideas together at the moment for this logo, as MARA (Mature Age Recruitment Alliance) are looking to change their current logo, & have put out the request to members to come up with the new one.

The basic spec was to incorporate a Dragon, or part of one, along with the name Mara.  Also, sections of it should be able to stand alone.  Here are my final Logo Images.

Full Logo

Dragon head with Border
Dragon head without Border
Stand alone Mara

I don't know if these images will be chosen as the new Logo, as judging isn't until July.  I will just have to wait & see, but I hope they like them.  It would be a good feeling to see them in use.

Red Servitor Golem Minipet Toy

Being on a Guild Wars 2 theme at the moment, I have just finished a Papertoy based on the Red Servitor Golem Miniature, generally referred to as a Minipet.  This particular Miniature is acquired through gaining a certain amount of points in your Guild Wars Hall of Monuments.  A reward system for playing and achieving certain goals in the original Guild Wars.

The Golem itself is a creation of the Asura.  A playable race in GW2.  The Asuran's weren't playable in GW1, but they did feature as part of the Eye of the North Expansion.

I was planning to do a Charr, but as the previous post said, I was finding it difficult to get a model to look how I wanted so, did this one instead.  I do like the rounded panels on this toy, it gives it a nice look.

I'm sure I'll be doing some more Guild Wars 2 related stuff soon, so keep an eye out for it.  Something to keep fans busy until release.

Download your Guild Wars 2 Golem Here

Guild Wars 2 Charr Model options

I'm thinking about doing a custom Paper toy to look like a Charr, from the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.  Im sure you've heard me talk about that game before, and already worked out I'm hooked.

I haven't decided which model to use.. I have an "A" and a "B" option pictured below, but can't work out which will be best.  There is also a "C" option which is start a new design.  Let me know what you think.
If I don't get the Charr looking how I would like it to look, I could always do a Servitor Golem.
Updated Model

GW2 Desktop Pen Holder

Being all geared up ready for the world that is Guild Wars 2, I thought I'd put this out for avid fans & new players alike to have on their desk.  It doesn't hold water, but pens & sweets are all good.  The best thing is though, it is emblazoned with the Guild Wars 2 Logo.

Although this isn't an endorsed product, I did ask 1st, & they said "It is an acceptable use of their assets"  which is awesome, as that means I can share this with you.
I personally can't wait for the game to come out.  Having waited for the past 3-4 years for it's release.

I want to spend a bit of time over the next few weeks adding some projects to this blog, before I get sucked in to the expansive MMO world of Tyria.  So, I hope you will enjoy this & keep an eye out for some more stuff in the coming weeks.

Download your Paper Desktop Pen Holder Here