Red Servitor Golem Minipet Toy

Being on a Guild Wars 2 theme at the moment, I have just finished a Papertoy based on the Red Servitor Golem Miniature, generally referred to as a Minipet.  This particular Miniature is acquired through gaining a certain amount of points in your Guild Wars Hall of Monuments.  A reward system for playing and achieving certain goals in the original Guild Wars.

The Golem itself is a creation of the Asura.  A playable race in GW2.  The Asuran's weren't playable in GW1, but they did feature as part of the Eye of the North Expansion.

I was planning to do a Charr, but as the previous post said, I was finding it difficult to get a model to look how I wanted so, did this one instead.  I do like the rounded panels on this toy, it gives it a nice look.

I'm sure I'll be doing some more Guild Wars 2 related stuff soon, so keep an eye out for it.  Something to keep fans busy until release.

Download your Guild Wars 2 Golem Here


  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper toy at my collection blog: Guild Wars - Red Servitor Golem