Dragon Scales Photoshop Style

I made a dragon scales pattern in Ai, then colored it in Photoshop.  I then used this pattern to create the Dragon Scales Style.

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Crime Scene Tape Photoshop Style

This is a Photoshop style, based on the striped Crime Scene Tape.  Please enjoy, and comment if you use it.

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Snowy Style

This is a style I did for the upcoming Holiday Season.  Please enjoy & comments are always welcome.

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Asking for your support for a good cause.

Hi everyone.  I don't tend to post anything too serious on this blog, and everything I put on this site is free, but I have a small request.

A fellow designer iDad, has reached out for support, looking after his Sister who through an accident became Quadriplegic.  If you can help please follow the link below for details.