Shrunken Head - Halloween 2013

Halloween approaches once more, so it's time to give you a toy to celebrate.  I decided to do a long overdue custom of the Shrunken Head template, & also redo the original blank for digital customising.

I have included 2 colors in the download with instructions on how to make the hair.

Download you own Shrunken Head custom Here.
Download the Blank Shrunken Head template Here.

If you missed any previous Halloween toys, please go check them out, & build the whole collection.

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Happy Halloween

Halloween Candy Corn Layer Style

With 1 month to go till Halloween, here is a Photoshop Layer style to help you make your posters & invites etc for your partys.

Download from deviantArt.  Enjoy

Steampunk GW2 Wallpaper

I'm working on a wallpaper for my new PC, and.. oh yeah!!  I got a new PC.  It's a lot faster than my previous one, with a much better GPU.

Anyways, back on topic.  The wallpaper.  I really like the Steampunk look, and wanted to incorporate my other online passion of GW2, so here is what I have so far.

I want to add more detail, so it's look awesome, and I have no time limit on it, so I can experiment as I go, and swap things up as my skill level improves.