Vector Snake design - WiP

This is a design im working on.  Not for any particular reason, I just wanted to design something that i thought looked cool.

The picture was hand drawn, then scanned in.  After which I used Illustrator to draw over the original, & added some colors & gradients etc.

I am however stuck now.  I can't figure out the best way to achieve the scales on the snake, apart from hand drawing every one.  The scales in the hand drawing are somewhat overstated.  I'd like to achieve a slightly more subtle effect.  I will have to consult some design guru's & attempt to discover the answer.

I guess pushing my limits is the best way to learn.

Just click the images to get full size.

UPDATE 17/08/2011:  I finally finished this Image, & here it is for you to enjoy.  Hope it was worth the wait.

Genetically Altered - Speaker Phone Custom

I was looking for inspiration on a custom for this template, & the idea of the phone buttons sprung to mind.  After which, adding speakers seemed a good move, hence the name Speaker Phone.  This custom is also on the new shape of Genetically Altered.

I have added customisation to a couple of my templates before now, but nothing too fancy.  This is the 1st custom done purely in Illustrator.  There is a long way to go before I get to the level of proficiency I want to be, but I have grasped the basics & that is a start.
After building the model featured in the above photo.  I made a few changes to the buttons & the Gradient on the head piece, before creating the PDF for the model.

While doing the custom, I wasn't too happy with the speakers I made, so I used a Vector resource from Dragonartz.  If it's vector resource you're after, I would recommend this site as there are some amazing vectors on there.  So I gotta say thx for the speaker.

Download the Speaker Phone custom Here
Download the Blank for this template Here
Download the Mutant 14" Blank Here

Vector - Genetically Altered Illustrator Symbols

I can't seem to leave Illustrator (CS4) alone at the moment.  I guess it's because i'm finally starting to get to grips with it, & discovering just how powerful it is for creating Graphics.

I wanted a couple of Logo style images that I could use as my own resource when creating templates for Genetically Altered.  After a day of playing around with various features, I came up with these.
This image is a .png preview of the Illustrator Symbols, so you can click to get full size, & Save.

The one on the left I tried to resemble almost an Urban Vinyl appearance, & the right hand one is just a Silhouette.

The Illustrator CS4 file can be Downloaded from my deviantART page.

If you use them in anything, please just let me see the result, & maybe a link to this blog.  Thanks

Vector - Phone Pad

I am currently working on a custom for Genetically Altered, & want to try & do the whole process using just Illustrator.  I needed to create a phone pad, & after i'd done the buttons, it seemed like a cool idea to play around & jazz it up a bit.  This is what I ended up with.
The vector file is available on my deviantART page, so please go ahead & grab the file if you want to use it for anything.  It was created in Illustrator CS4.  If you do use it, just send me a link of picture or the result as I would love to see it.

The Download for this Vector is Here

Throwback, the Evolutionary Mutation

From the Paper DNA Lab that created Genetically Altered, comes Throwback.  During their experiments, a few mutations where created before they reached the perfect Specimen.  The 1st of which is Throwback.

Ape like in appearance, with his dragging knuckles, & large shoulders, He relies on Brawn not Brains.
Although I have decided to focus on Genetically Altered, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a bit of back story, including the Lab that created him, & a few of the other Mutations that were also created as a result.  I will see where this idea goes over the next few months.

The template has a a lot of nice shapes.  The edging can be tricky to do, but patience & perseverance is the key.  The download contains .png files for easy Print & Build, & I have included the .eps for easier digital customising.

Download your Blank Throwback Here

Please share any Pictures & Custom Templates with me, so I can post them here to share with everyone.

Here are a couple of pictures sent in by Andrew Shulyk from Vinnitsa in the Ukraine.  Made from Blue cardstock with eyes & mouth added using extra paper.

Genetically Altered Wallpaper

Here is my 1st attempt at creating a Wallpaper.

As I am focusing on the Genetically Altered DNA Lab theme, I chose that as the basis for the Image.  To give credit where credit is due, the resources used are

BP Molecules Font by Backpacker
DNA Strains Vectors by DragonArtz

Click on the image to get the Full size version, then Right click & Save.

Hope you enjoy & Feedback is always appreciated

DNA changes for Genetically Altered

After some experimenting with Genetically Altereds' Paper DNA, I made a few slight changes that I believe are improvements on the model.  The body is now identical at the Front & Back, plus the arms are more rounded at the hand & he has grown shoulders.
I don't have any plans to reshape his DNA again, so this will be the final shape for this toy.  I think you will agree with me that this shape is an improvement.

This download comes with a .png format with basic instructions, plus the .eps for those that may find this format easier for Customising.  I have also included all current accessories, but only in .png format.

With this new DNA, & all the accessories, there are so many customising options, & i'm sure there are many things you can do with this model that aren't listed here.  Seeing this toy customised over & over again is the reason I created it, & list it for free.  So, build away & share with me all your creations.

Download your own Blank Genetically Altered with reshaped DNA Here
Download the Mutant 14" version of this template Here

There are No Limits, just your Imagination