Leprechaun - St. Patricks Day Toy

I got this one finished & built by the skin of my teeth in time for St. Patricks Day.  It uses the Witchdokta template & is basically a Leprechaun head, playing a bit of Ninja style in his Top hat also.

I never did a Witchdokta custom, as I did the big Genetically Altered version instead, so I thought it would be fun to use it for the Leprechaun, instead of trying to design a new form.
It has a slightly evil look to it, but those pesky Leprechauns can be mischievous.  The main idea on the graphic is quite stereotypical imagery of this mythical being, but the peeking eyes add a little twist to it.

Download your own Leprechaun Here

Control Freak - Custom & Blank

This is my 1st of two templates i'm adding today, & as you will notice I only added 1 post last month.  The reason for this is I had to go into hospital for a Neck operation, but as they say.. The show must go on..

So, apologies for the quality of the build in the photo, my left arm is still very sore.

With all that said, let me introduce a new template to my collection & a the 1st colorway, as I would like to do more textures on this one.  Control Freak is based around a Playstation remote, & ties very nicely with my Gaming hobby.  It's always nice when you can combine.
I always do the test build, then make any final changes, so there will always be slight graphical changes from the photo, but they will always be improvements.

The download contains PDF's of the Custom & Blank, & also CS4 .ai of the Blank, for anyone who wants to make an illustrator custom of thier own.  Please share your customs with me so I can post them on my blog.  I love to see your work too.

Download Control Freak Blank & Custom Here