Happy 2015 to all

Hi everyone.

Happy New Year to all my readers, new ones & returning ones alike. Yes, I know, it's been extremely quiet on the blog front recently.  I've been very busy with creating a new project for Photoshop.  This is a collection of styles, textures, images etc, that can be used for Digital Scrap-booking.

Very different to paper toys, but I do intend on creating some more of those when I can.  My goal is to put all these items together in a new website.  Some of the PSD files for Scrap-booking will be for sale, but there will also be a lot of free stuff, and all the paper toys will remain free as always.

Although they are designed with scrap-booking in mind, the items can be used for any digital application, such as Apps or Website design.

This will be my 5th year working with Ai & Ps, and my level of skill has increased from "staring at the screen with a blank look on my face, completely lost." to where I am today.

Hopefully in another 5yrs, I will have taken over the world.. Mwahhahahaa..

Tire Tread Photoshop Layer Style

I decided to convert the vector tire tread from Wheelman, and use it as a pattern in Ps.  The result was a new Layer style.  It's not an exact tire tread, but it looks cool all the same.

Click on the image to download from deviantArt

Dragon Scales Photoshop Style

I made a dragon scales pattern in Ai, then colored it in Photoshop.  I then used this pattern to create the Dragon Scales Style.

Click on the image to Download at deviantArt

Crime Scene Tape Photoshop Style

This is a Photoshop style, based on the striped Crime Scene Tape.  Please enjoy, and comment if you use it.

Click on the image to Download at deviantArt

Snowy Style

This is a style I did for the upcoming Holiday Season.  Please enjoy & comments are always welcome.

Click on the image to Download from deviantArt

Asking for your support for a good cause.

Hi everyone.  I don't tend to post anything too serious on this blog, and everything I put on this site is free, but I have a small request.

A fellow designer iDad, has reached out for support, looking after his Sister who through an accident became Quadriplegic.  If you can help please follow the link below for details.

Gaming Badge

This is a badge I made for use with Gaming Avatars, Signatures, Web Banners etc.  Feel free to save it & use it.

Just click to get full size version, the Right Click to Save As.

Photoshop Scanlines Overlay

On a recent Steampunk image, I wanted scanlines on the Screen section.  I have turned the scanlines into a .pat & a large .png overlay.  You can get both by clicking on the image & downloading from deviantArt.

Please leave a comment with a link to what you do with it, I would really love to see it.

Customisable Button Bage PSD

This is a customisable button badge.  I made it as part of a bigger project I've been working on but it works great on it's own so thought I'd share this now.

It's a PSD with 7 layers.  All the shading & highlights are adjustable independently, & also the main color & image are also customisable.  The end result is a digital pin badge of your making.

Click on the image to Download from deviant Art.

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper / Poster

I just finished a wallpaper using a normal Pumpkin image.  Using Photoshop I turned it into what you see below.  You can use it as a Desktop Wallpaper, or even add your own text in the bottom left blank section to use as a Poster for a Halloween Party or just to hang outside your house.