About Me

Art has always been an interest of mine, steering more towards designs rather than fine art canvas, however I am very new to Digital Art.  I started taking my designs from being a hobby by designing Tattoo's for friends & family, which soon moved onto Car Tattoo's, coming up with some funky ideas for Modified street cars.  This is where I picked up the tag "Sinner" because of a Hood Decal design originally named Fallen Angel, but ended up being used as a cape logo in the MMO Aion.  I still enjoy Modified Street Cars, but im not actively building 1 at the moment.

I moved from the UK to South Africa in 2007, and sadly during the whole packing & shipping process, most of my old artwork went missing.  I either left it in my House in the UK and it sold with the property or the gremlins got it.  It was all pencil sketchings or Acrylics on A3 art grade paper.  This is one of the reasons I am now wanting to try & make a big part of my stuff on PC.

My Gaming started back in the days of the old bat & ball Pong machines. Then the Spectrum 48k, Master System, Megadrive, PS1,2 & 3.  Now I play mostly RPG's & MMO's.  Titles like Guild Wars, Aion, Requiem, Dragon Age.  As you can see I loooove Gaming.

My final hobby is collecting. Ranging from MTG cards to Urban Vinyls, & Movie Figurines. If it's cool to look at and has the word collectible attached to it.. I want it.  My study is now a shrine to all things collectible.

Im currently in the process of learning how to create digital graphic artwork, & will probably go on a course in 2011.

This Blog is my attempt to combine all of my interests, by creating Digital art designs for Gaming & Collectible paper toys. There are many artists already doing this kind of concept, but hopefully I will hold my own. I hope you enjoy it as much as i'm going to.