Circuit Board Photoshop Style

I'm messing about with masking techniques at the moment but couldn't resist adding another Style to the blog.  I created a circuit board pattern in Illustrator, as I wanted to use it to mask out areas on a face, like part man / part machine type of effect.

I decided to use it on a style 1st, so here it is.

Just click on the image to go to the correct deviantArt page.

Let me know what you think & link me any uses please, so I can see what you do.

Photoshop Styles

I have been straying away from paper toys recently, as I've been spending a lot of time learning Photoshop.  I tended to work exclusively in Illustrator for the graphic side of the paper toys, as it suited my needs perfectly.

As my desire to increase my Graphic Design skills grew, I decided to turn my attention to the Ps, & see what I can learn.  After many hours checking out a lot of Tutorials, & testing what does what, I still have a long way to go to reach the level I am in Illustrator but I am ready to share some of my output.

Here are 4 Photoshop Styles that can be applied to Text, or Custom shapes if desired.  I hope you enjoy them & please download & use them if you want.  My only request is that you email me the result so I can see what you did.

Just click on any of the images & they will take you to the correct page on my DeviantArt Gallery.

Please keep checking back on my blog, as I haven't stopped making paper toys, there will be more.  There will also be some more Photoshop resources in the mix.