Tiny Tiki - Build your own unique Tiki Idol

Tiki, is the name usually given to a pole-like wooden sculpture, with a somewhat humanoid form.  Derived from Polynesian History, the term Tiki today is still represented by this totem, but is more of a decorative culture than a sacred idol.  Most people will think of Hawaiian or Maori patterns.

There are many designs possible for a Tiki, so when I started thinking of how to do this template, I wanted the end result to be very custom, so that very few will be alike.  The model is made up of blocks & smaller parts to add features, so you basically decide how you want the Tiki to look then build into a totem form.
The above image is my own Hand drawn design, however, I made the mistake of building the Tiki 1st then drawing the designs.  That's my own fault for being too eager.  Patience is required for this & all paper models.  I will attempt another one soon, but I think i'll do a digital custom next time.  My understanding of this process is geting better.

One thing I will add about this Paper Toy.  Although it is named Tiki, and has parts aimed at achieving the best shape for this.  I have added a set of Wings & a Beak to the template.  So, with the right collection of parts & designs, a Native American Totem can be achieved.  I do plan to add more extra's for this later on.

Any parts you design yourself in template form, that you would like to share with everyone.  Use the Contact Tab & send it to me by email, & I will post here for all to download.  Enjoy the Toy & don't hesitate to custom & send me Pics & or Template of a finished Tiki.

Download your own Blank Tiki Here

Skateboard Custom by Dan Watson

To coincide with 500 downloads of the Blank Skateboard Template.  Dan Watson, a fellow member of Nice Paper Toys & the designer of the Crush Toy Series, has done a custom of the Skateboard.  Not only is reaching the 500 mark pretty cool, but the custom is too Awesome.

The design of the board is based on Dan's own toy series Crush, an Ape papertoy which comes in various colors, If you wanna get these also, visit Here & download the series.

Im very happy to have this new design on my site for download, so please go ahead and get it today.  Keep an eye out for further Skateboard customs, & for more of Dan Watson creations.

Download your own Dan Watson Custom Skateboard Here
Download the Blank Template Here