Wheelman - Bass Head Edition

Hey everyone, my 1st listed model in a few months.  I want to try & keep them coming, even though I don't have as much time to dedicate to them at the moment.

This one is a custom of the Wheelman template, named Bass Head.

I think this would make an awesome design for a portable MP3 player, I may have to look into that as an option.  That would be pretty sweet to see this design in the shops.

I hope you enjoy the toy & thank you for visiting me.  I still get lots of people through this blog (I should reach 100k page hits very soon) & it's very nice to see the toys are still being downloaded :)

Download Wheelman - Bass Head Edition Here

Guild Wars 2, Halloween Diorama 2012 Contest

Hey, as you may have noticed, I've been a bit absent from the site recently.  This is due to Guild Wars 2, and I must say I'm loving every minute of it.

They are holding a Diorama contest for Halloween, & I've decided to enter some of my models, themed into a custom diorama (GW2 + Halloween).

Hope you enjoy it, & I'll post here if I win anything :)

I do have a few paper models to come, but I need to go buy some paper to build them 1st, so pls keep visiting, & see you soon.

Guild Wars - NPC Marker Arrow

Hi.  This is my last Guild Wars related model, from the series I've done as a Homage to the game.  Head start for Guild Wars 2 commences this weekend, & that will be my new haunt for many years I hope.

I have been busy with Guild stuff in the run up to GW2 release, & also real life commitments.  So although I haven't built this model, it is ready for download, so the picture is just a 3D render of what it will look like built.

You can attach some fishing line or cotton to the flat top panel & hang it above your chair while you sit & play, & become your own NPC.

I would love some pictures of this, so pls use the Contact tab & send me any images of you as an NPC for me to share here, that would be awesome.

Download your own NPC Marker Arrow Here.

Guild Wars - Event Gifts

The good thing about these models, is they are incredibly easy to build, plus you can enjoy them even if you're not a Guild Wars fan.  You can put some sweets inside while you build, & give them as actual gifts.

Continuing on with my Guild Wars Homage.  These are the penultimate GW themed paper goodies.  Most players will have come across all of these items, & probably received a good few of their own.

Gifts were always very cool to recieve while playing, & there were numerous ways to get them.  Seasonal Events, Character Birthdays, Daily Quests etc.  & I for one will miss them (Hoping for similar things in GW2) so here they are for you to build & keep as a memory of a favourite GW moment.

If you like these, or any other of my toys, tell your in game friends to come and visit my site.  After all, I do this for fun, & I want to share with as many people as possible.

Download your own set of GW Gifts Here

Guild Wars - Domain of Anguish Gemset

After having a look at a lot of Items & objects in Guild Wars, I decided on a few that I will reproduce as a Paper model, as a Homage to the game I've spent the last 6 yrs playing, & also something for fans to build & have on there Desktop to remind them of the good times spent in GW1.  Here is the 1st item, keep an eye out on the blog for the others to follow soon.

The release of Guild Wars 2 on 28/08/12 will mean most players, including myself, will be spending a lot less time in the original saga, & concentrating on exploration of this new Tyria.

Good times were had in one of the Elite areas called Domain of Anguish.  A place made up of 4 areas, that upon completion of each one, allowed you to take on the big boss Mallyx.  One of the other reasons to go there was the Gemstones.  Collecting 15 of each gem type (1 type per area) gave you an Armbrace of Truth from a collector, which could then be traded for a Tormented Weapon... but... enough about the game, let's get to the paper.

I decided a stand would work well with the Gems, as otherwise they would just be laid around loose & not be displayed very well.

I hope you will enjoy building & displaying these Gems on your desk, as you're playing at the start of a new era in the Guild Wars story.

Download your own set of DoA Gems Here

Baseball Caps Series One

The Baseball Cap template of mine has been around for a while now, & it's about time I shared some Customs with you.  The 1st custom I did, was a special for Paperkraft.net, & will be available exclusively from the Paperkraft.net site.

This bundle contains the Blank, so you can do your own version, plus 8 other Customs which I've listed under the Image.  I've also added a link at the bottom of the post for the Illustrator CS4 .ai file, so you can do a digital custom.  If you want your custom adding to Series 2, just email me the finished template.
Series One

Blank by Sinner
Burn Rubber by Sinner
Cross by Greenelf
Digital Hero by Sinner
Greenelf by Greenelf
Jack Skellington by Sinner
Mo-Money by Greenelf
R2-D2 by Sinner
Stars by Margaret293

The picture only shows 4 of them so download the whole set & build to see the rest.  Have fun, & send me any pics or templates of your own designs to share on this blog.

A big thankyou to Greenelf & Margaret293 for the customs on this Series, I really appreciate it.

Download Baseball Caps Series One Here
Download CS4 Illustrator Blank template Here

MARA Alliance Logo Design

I'm just throwing a few ideas together at the moment for this logo, as MARA (Mature Age Recruitment Alliance) are looking to change their current logo, & have put out the request to members to come up with the new one.

The basic spec was to incorporate a Dragon, or part of one, along with the name Mara.  Also, sections of it should be able to stand alone.  Here are my final Logo Images.

Full Logo

Dragon head with Border
Dragon head without Border
Stand alone Mara

I don't know if these images will be chosen as the new Logo, as judging isn't until July.  I will just have to wait & see, but I hope they like them.  It would be a good feeling to see them in use.

Red Servitor Golem Minipet Toy

Being on a Guild Wars 2 theme at the moment, I have just finished a Papertoy based on the Red Servitor Golem Miniature, generally referred to as a Minipet.  This particular Miniature is acquired through gaining a certain amount of points in your Guild Wars Hall of Monuments.  A reward system for playing and achieving certain goals in the original Guild Wars.

The Golem itself is a creation of the Asura.  A playable race in GW2.  The Asuran's weren't playable in GW1, but they did feature as part of the Eye of the North Expansion.

I was planning to do a Charr, but as the previous post said, I was finding it difficult to get a model to look how I wanted so, did this one instead.  I do like the rounded panels on this toy, it gives it a nice look.

I'm sure I'll be doing some more Guild Wars 2 related stuff soon, so keep an eye out for it.  Something to keep fans busy until release.

Download your Guild Wars 2 Golem Here

Guild Wars 2 Charr Model options

I'm thinking about doing a custom Paper toy to look like a Charr, from the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.  Im sure you've heard me talk about that game before, and already worked out I'm hooked.

I haven't decided which model to use.. I have an "A" and a "B" option pictured below, but can't work out which will be best.  There is also a "C" option which is start a new design.  Let me know what you think.
If I don't get the Charr looking how I would like it to look, I could always do a Servitor Golem.
Updated Model

GW2 Desktop Pen Holder

Being all geared up ready for the world that is Guild Wars 2, I thought I'd put this out for avid fans & new players alike to have on their desk.  It doesn't hold water, but pens & sweets are all good.  The best thing is though, it is emblazoned with the Guild Wars 2 Logo.

Although this isn't an endorsed product, I did ask 1st, & they said "It is an acceptable use of their assets"  which is awesome, as that means I can share this with you.
I personally can't wait for the game to come out.  Having waited for the past 3-4 years for it's release.

I want to spend a bit of time over the next few weeks adding some projects to this blog, before I get sucked in to the expansive MMO world of Tyria.  So, I hope you will enjoy this & keep an eye out for some more stuff in the coming weeks.

Download your Paper Desktop Pen Holder Here

Digital Action Hero - T-shirt Designs

Hey everyone, I know it's been quiet on the Playing with Art front recently.  I've been playing around with other designs that aren't paper toy related.

Plus with the impending release of Guild Wars 2 MMORPG, & the Beta Weekends. I've been gearing myself up for that also.

What I am working on, is an idea to create some of my own T-shirt designs, under the Label "Digital Action Hero".  I thought it was a fitting name as I want to do Gaming/Urban culture related Vector designs on them.

Anyways, here is a couple of Logo's I plan to use.

If you want to Download the Illustrator CS4 file of a Blank Figure & have a go at designing an outfit for it., then you can Get it Here.  Just make your outfit on the base figure, then export as .png at 75dpi.  Use the Contact Tab to email me.  If I get enough designs, I will start a separate blog for this venture.

Here is one I did, based on a Guild Wars 2 Necro Armor.

I will hopefully work on a Paper Toy very soon, so don't worry I haven't stopped.

Let me know what you thing to the Logo.  Thanks, & see you again soon.

If you visit the Artwork Tab, there are quite a few more finished Action Hero's dressed to represent the Guild Wars 2 Professions

Magic the Gathering - Battle Station

I used to play a lot of Magic the Gathering, & have recently started buying cards again, & having a play with the new mechanics.  There are certainly some interesting new things to try.

I made this "Battle Station" as i've called it, to use for myself, but as always, I will share it with you.  It is basically to add a bit of graphic goodness to the piles of cards that you get during a game.  Namely the Library, Graveyard & Exile.  With a nice area for tokens also.

All the details are Vector work, done in Illustrator CS4.  The textures were added also using illustrator but I didnt make those, I decided to use some resources from other artists, as they were much more fitting.  And of course it has some papercrafting in there too.

The background of the base uses a Grunge Floral by Arghus on deviantArt.
The textures for the 3 boxes use Cracked Plaster by Good Textures on deviantArt.
and also Tower of London Stone effect by Good Textures.

Thankyou to the above artists for providing such awesome resources, making it possible for me to create the MTG Battle Station.  All that is left is to get yours now.

If you build & use it in a game, take a photo & email it to me so I can post here.  I would love to see it in use.

Download Magic the Gathering Battle Station Here.

This is not an endorsed product by Wizards of the Coast, & all logo's used remain the property of thier respective owners.

Leprechaun - St. Patricks Day Toy

I got this one finished & built by the skin of my teeth in time for St. Patricks Day.  It uses the Witchdokta template & is basically a Leprechaun head, playing a bit of Ninja style in his Top hat also.

I never did a Witchdokta custom, as I did the big Genetically Altered version instead, so I thought it would be fun to use it for the Leprechaun, instead of trying to design a new form.
It has a slightly evil look to it, but those pesky Leprechauns can be mischievous.  The main idea on the graphic is quite stereotypical imagery of this mythical being, but the peeking eyes add a little twist to it.

Download your own Leprechaun Here

Control Freak - Custom & Blank

This is my 1st of two templates i'm adding today, & as you will notice I only added 1 post last month.  The reason for this is I had to go into hospital for a Neck operation, but as they say.. The show must go on..

So, apologies for the quality of the build in the photo, my left arm is still very sore.

With all that said, let me introduce a new template to my collection & a the 1st colorway, as I would like to do more textures on this one.  Control Freak is based around a Playstation remote, & ties very nicely with my Gaming hobby.  It's always nice when you can combine.
I always do the test build, then make any final changes, so there will always be slight graphical changes from the photo, but they will always be improvements.

The download contains PDF's of the Custom & Blank, & also CS4 .ai of the Blank, for anyone who wants to make an illustrator custom of thier own.  Please share your customs with me so I can post them on my blog.  I love to see your work too.

Download Control Freak Blank & Custom Here

Customisable Skateboard - Technics Turntable Custom

My own custom of the Skateboard template is long overdue, but I decided I was ready to do it some justice.  When the process of the design started I thought, ok, how about a picture of a Deck (turntable) on a Deck (skateboard), & the custom came about.
Some of the artwork used is from one of my Wallpapers called Urban Inferno.
The previous Custom by Dan Watson & the Blank template are by far the most popular downloads on this blog, so fingers crossed you will enjoy this one just as much.  The Blank is also available on this post, & contains a .pdf copy for hand drawn designs & a CS4 .ai for Digital customising.

The downloadable version is 10% bigger than the one used in the test build pictured above.  I did this purely to make the wheels as easy as I possibly could.  They do take patience.  There have also been a few graphical improvements made.

Download the Skateboard Technics Turntable Custom Here
Download updated Blank Skateboard Here

Superbowl XLVI - An Unofficial Papertoy

In honor of the upcoming Superbowl 46, & the fact that I still had an un-customised Throwback template, I decided to do 2 customs, & set them head to head against each other.  One for New England Patriots & another for New York Giants.  Who will win the Superbowl, I have no idea, but I want to know who will get the most Downloads.
The big game is just over a week away, & I will be watching (timezone permitting) otherwise i'll have to catch a re-play.

So, time to take place in the Paperbowl, & see who will win the download championship.

Download your New York Giants Papertoy Here
Download your New England Patriots Papertoy Here

This is not an official NFL or Superbowl Papertoy, it is a toy by a fan, for the fans.

Vector LED Lights (Illustrator CS4)

Here are some LED's you can use for images.  There are some pre-created Letters & Numbers, but you can Grid them however you like.
If you use them, please just link back to this site where possible so I get some credit, & I would also love to see what you do with it, please use the Contact Tab & email me any images, & If you agree, I will show them on this Post.

The download is available from My deviantART Page & is in Illustrator CS4 .ai Format.

Paper Street Racer Custom

On my quest to work through all my Blank templates, & make a custom of each one.  The next one up is Paper Street Racer.  I added the word street to the original name, because it was originally designed to be a street racer, & I didn't want it to be confused with the iPhone app game called "Paper Racer".

With that said, here is my 1st custom of the template, sporting the Killer Snake that I designed to be used as an actual Car Graphic.  The body is not based on any one car, I just shaped it to be a Coupe style.
As you can see from the pictures, there is a gap in the graphic to accomodate the Wide body kit pieces, but from a full side on view the image does line up perfectly.
The download contains an updated blank from the original version, & the Custom pictured above.  So you can build this model & then design your own by printing the Blank PDF, or using the Illustrator CS4 file to create a Digital custom.

Download Paper Street Racer Custom & Blank Here

Redheaded Monkeys T-Shirt Design

I recieved an email the other day from Liz Woodrow in Katy, TX. & she has started her own company, creating T-shirts with Rhinestone & Screen-print designs.  The company is called Redheaded Monkeys & you can go check it out & see if there is anything you like.

The reason for this post is Liz wanted to use one of my designs, The Peeled Heart, on a T-Shirt, & of course I was over the moon about this.  It is always nice to see your work used in such a unique way.
Thx Liz for using my Design & I hope it's popular.

CCG Deck Holder

Welcome to 2012, & the start of a new year of Paper Toys & Models.  With my Son getting a little bit older, I am starting to get a bit more free time, & have started to look at my Magic the Gathering CCG collection.  With the release of the Plainswalker Cards & the Innistrad Block, it is looking very exciting & I wanted to make some new Decks to play.

With new decks, I need Deck Holders.  Instead of buying them, as they are quite hard to find here in South Africa, I decided to make one, & give it a nice Papertoy feel to it also.
I've tried to give it a Steel Flightcase type effect on the skin, with an area for the player to write a description of the Deck inside.  This box will hold standard sized Cards from MTG, Pokemon, Moshi Monsters, etc. all kept in protective sleeves.

The legs are borrowed from Wheelman, as they worked perfectly I thought there was no need to design anything different.  The photograph above is actually holding a deck of Cards inside, so it will stand no problems when full.

Download the Papertoy CCG Deck Holder Here

Have fun playing & remember to keep visiting in 2012.