Magic the Gathering - Battle Station

I used to play a lot of Magic the Gathering, & have recently started buying cards again, & having a play with the new mechanics.  There are certainly some interesting new things to try.

I made this "Battle Station" as i've called it, to use for myself, but as always, I will share it with you.  It is basically to add a bit of graphic goodness to the piles of cards that you get during a game.  Namely the Library, Graveyard & Exile.  With a nice area for tokens also.

All the details are Vector work, done in Illustrator CS4.  The textures were added also using illustrator but I didnt make those, I decided to use some resources from other artists, as they were much more fitting.  And of course it has some papercrafting in there too.

The background of the base uses a Grunge Floral by Arghus on deviantArt.
The textures for the 3 boxes use Cracked Plaster by Good Textures on deviantArt.
and also Tower of London Stone effect by Good Textures.

Thankyou to the above artists for providing such awesome resources, making it possible for me to create the MTG Battle Station.  All that is left is to get yours now.

If you build & use it in a game, take a photo & email it to me so I can post here.  I would love to see it in use.

Download Magic the Gathering Battle Station Here.

This is not an endorsed product by Wizards of the Coast, & all logo's used remain the property of thier respective owners.