Digital Action Hero - T-shirt Designs

Hey everyone, I know it's been quiet on the Playing with Art front recently.  I've been playing around with other designs that aren't paper toy related.

Plus with the impending release of Guild Wars 2 MMORPG, & the Beta Weekends. I've been gearing myself up for that also.

What I am working on, is an idea to create some of my own T-shirt designs, under the Label "Digital Action Hero".  I thought it was a fitting name as I want to do Gaming/Urban culture related Vector designs on them.

Anyways, here is a couple of Logo's I plan to use.

If you want to Download the Illustrator CS4 file of a Blank Figure & have a go at designing an outfit for it., then you can Get it Here.  Just make your outfit on the base figure, then export as .png at 75dpi.  Use the Contact Tab to email me.  If I get enough designs, I will start a separate blog for this venture.

Here is one I did, based on a Guild Wars 2 Necro Armor.

I will hopefully work on a Paper Toy very soon, so don't worry I haven't stopped.

Let me know what you thing to the Logo.  Thanks, & see you again soon.

If you visit the Artwork Tab, there are quite a few more finished Action Hero's dressed to represent the Guild Wars 2 Professions

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