Customisable Skateboard - Technics Turntable Custom

My own custom of the Skateboard template is long overdue, but I decided I was ready to do it some justice.  When the process of the design started I thought, ok, how about a picture of a Deck (turntable) on a Deck (skateboard), & the custom came about.
Some of the artwork used is from one of my Wallpapers called Urban Inferno.
The previous Custom by Dan Watson & the Blank template are by far the most popular downloads on this blog, so fingers crossed you will enjoy this one just as much.  The Blank is also available on this post, & contains a .pdf copy for hand drawn designs & a CS4 .ai for Digital customising.

The downloadable version is 10% bigger than the one used in the test build pictured above.  I did this purely to make the wheels as easy as I possibly could.  They do take patience.  There have also been a few graphical improvements made.

Download the Skateboard Technics Turntable Custom Here
Download updated Blank Skateboard Here