Guild Wars - NPC Marker Arrow

Hi.  This is my last Guild Wars related model, from the series I've done as a Homage to the game.  Head start for Guild Wars 2 commences this weekend, & that will be my new haunt for many years I hope.

I have been busy with Guild stuff in the run up to GW2 release, & also real life commitments.  So although I haven't built this model, it is ready for download, so the picture is just a 3D render of what it will look like built.

You can attach some fishing line or cotton to the flat top panel & hang it above your chair while you sit & play, & become your own NPC.

I would love some pictures of this, so pls use the Contact tab & send me any images of you as an NPC for me to share here, that would be awesome.

Download your own NPC Marker Arrow Here.