My 1st Magazine Feature

Recently I did a custom of the Uber Leet papertoy, & I designed the graphics on it specifically for NAG, a South African Gaming magazine.  I wasn't sure what the outcome of it would be, but they decided to include the completed template on the free DvD that circulates with the mag.  There was also a mention inside, about my blog.

This is a big step for me with regards to local exposure for my Designs & Artwork.  So big thanks to NAG & to everyone that has encouraged me to get to this point.

The success of the blog (Huuuge thx to has been awesome too, as this October is the 2nd month that I have had over 4500 page hits for that calander month.

Keep visiting me, & letting me know how i'm doing.  It's your regular visits that keep me making toys.

Genetically Altered (Mutant Size) - Baron Samedi

I didn't think I was going to get this model done before the end of October.  With the ever nearing release of Guild Wars 2, & my Hall of Monuments to be filled, I've been spending a lot of my time this month playing my favourite Online MMORPG Guild Wars.

Here it is though, the 1st custom of the Mutant Genetically Altered.  The body alone is 12 inches tall, and with the Hat.. It's a big one.
The above picture is my Test Build, so there has been graphic improvements made since this was printed.  The reason I didn't rebuild is because it's a 12 page template, & I was trying to save paper & ink.
I wanted to do Baron Samedi this because I like the look of the skeleton body paint, & have always been a fan of anything of a macabre nature.

Download your Genetically Altered - Mutant Baron Samedi Here

Halloween 2011 - Jack Skellington & CandyCorn

Time for Halloween again, & as it's my favourite Celebration, I've made two toys for you to enjoy.

The 1st is Jack Skellington using the Genetically Altered template.  There is a difference on this one though.  I used an easier build head shape.  I'm not stopping the Egghead version, but I will be using the new shape head for certain models aimed at a younger audience.
The 2nd is based on the very popular treat enjoyed around Halloween, & that is the Candy Corn.  I gave it a carved pumpkin face, I thought it made a change from seeing a pumpkin.  The cool thing about this toy is that you can fill it with Candy before closing it up & give it as a Trick or Treat pressie.  A paper toy with a purpose, after all, who doesn't like getting candy.
The last thing to say is, get them early so you can build before Halloween, & enjoy them as always.
30 days to go yet but have a Happy Halloween when it gets here.

Download Genetically Altered Jack Skellington Here
Download CandyCorn Candy holder Here