My 1st Magazine Feature

Recently I did a custom of the Uber Leet papertoy, & I designed the graphics on it specifically for NAG, a South African Gaming magazine.  I wasn't sure what the outcome of it would be, but they decided to include the completed template on the free DvD that circulates with the mag.  There was also a mention inside, about my blog.

This is a big step for me with regards to local exposure for my Designs & Artwork.  So big thanks to NAG & to everyone that has encouraged me to get to this point.

The success of the blog (Huuuge thx to has been awesome too, as this October is the 2nd month that I have had over 4500 page hits for that calander month.

Keep visiting me, & letting me know how i'm doing.  It's your regular visits that keep me making toys.

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