Wheelman - Blank now available

I'll be the 1st to admit, I forgot about the blank version of this toy, but I got it sorted & now it's ready to go.
The download is in Illustrator CS4 .pdf format so you can print out or open in Illustrator to do a digital custom.
Download your own Blank Wheelman Here
Email me to share pics or any digital customs with me to list on the blog

Wallpaper - Potions for Everything

A Gaming related Wallpaper.  The idea came from the vast amount of Coffee I drink while playing MMO's till late most nights.  Enjoy, & keep coming back.

This image is a small version.  Visit the Wallpapers Page for the full-size.

Tiny Tiki Custom

Finally got round to doing a custom of my Tiny Tiki template.  I wanted to do this earlier but kept getting side-tracked in to other stuff.  It's here now though & I hope you like it.
I used the same pieces as the previous blank I posted, but there are numerous other pieces to use if you want to design your own.  The download also contains the Blank in pdf (CS4) format so you can print out & design by hand, or open in Illustrator & do a digital custom.

Download the Tiny Tiki Custom & Blank Here

Enjoy the toy & please Contact Me & send me any pics of Tiki's you build using the template for me to share here with everyone.

Wheelman, Burn Rubber Edition

To start off, I'd like to say, I've been designing Paper toys for exactly 1 year.  The way I approach the designs has changed a lot from my 1st toy, but the enthusiasm hasn't dampened at all.  I'd like to think i've come quite far this past 12 months.

To celebrate, here is a new design toy.  After doing a custom of the Ye-Bot by Marko Zubak, I thought I would like to do a toy where the main feature is the Wheel, & also trying to keep an Urban Paper feel to the design.  And so Wheelman was born.
I'll be the 1st to admit that in building the above example, I put the head on slightly skew, as the spokes should be symetrical, but I hope the picture still does it justice.

The wheel on this particular custom is based on the Hyundai i30.  This is the car I drive at the moment, & I think they are awesome, so that's what I went with.  There will be other customs to come, so always keep an eye out for them.

Here's looking forward to another year of Paper Toys & Digital Art creations.  I hope you have enjoyed visiting my site, & will continue to do so.

Download Wheelman, Burn Rubber Edition Here
Download A Blank Wheelman to custom yourself Here

Genetically Altered Custom - Naruto

I'm feeling lucky this week.  Another Genetically Altered custom from my friend KapiLefty, this time it is Naruto, another Anime character.  He certainly likes his Anime.
Expect to see more from this guy, as I've already had some sneak peaks at his next couple of models.

Download Genetically Altered Naruto Custom Here