Toy No.9 - Plugger, The free Ad Toy

I've been working on a few templates in December, but because of the Holiday season, I've not got around to posting them.  Until now that is.  Here is the 1st of 3, the others will be ready in the next week or so.

If you feel you need for a bit more self advertising in 2011, then here is the perfect place to start.  It's time to plug yourself.

Plugger came about because my good lady wanted me to make a Toy that she could print her Business card on, & place on a shelf in her Surgery.  With that specification, I decided to make it sit down, & have the head/body as the business card.  It took a few size efforts to get it right, or at least a size that will fit a decent banner.
Most business cards should fit into the banner sizing of 491 x 302 pixels.  If not, a little bit of playing around with your image should work.  As long as you keep to the Max size.

I've put together the Blank version as always & also there is a simple "Playing with Art" Version with my banner on it.
You can of course just design a face to go on the front, it doesn't have to be specifically for Banners or Business cards.  If you find a very unique use for it, let me know.

Download your Blank Plugger Here

Any pics or customs, you can Share with me if you would like to see them on this blog.  Enjoy as always, & have a great New Years Eve.

Chinese Art on Canvas

One of the things I did in the run up to Xmas, was to do some Art on canvas.  It was for a gift, so I had to finish it before Christmas, but wasn't going to post until after, as I didn't want the recipient to see it before hand.
The symbols mean Prosperity, Longevity & Luck.  Most of the paint was applied using just fingers & a stick.  I wanted to try doing it this way, as this is an ancient chinese practise.

It was well recieved, so I was happy.

Free Range Paper Egg

Im working on a larger project which I will post when I finally finish it, but I won't let you know what it is just yet.  Part of the project includes the toy that features on my Logo.  You may have wondered why that hasn't appeared on the site for download.

I just thought I'd share part of it for now.  The Head works well on it's own, & decorating eggs has been a craft for a lot longer than I've been around.
Whether you do digital customising or a more traditional method of decorating,  An egg has always been fun to work with.  Creating the head of a well known character, or just giving it some patterns.

Download your Paper Egg Here

Please Share any templates or pictures with me, that you would like to see on here.

Paper T-Shirt Customs

After seeing the design for Paper T-shirts by Rob Ives, I had to have a go at making a custom or two.  I must say, the template is simple yet awesome.  Definite thumbs up from me.  Click on the link above & check out his site.  Well worth the trip.
Im starting to experiment more with the digital art, but im far from being where I want to be with regards to skill.  Practice makes perfect, or so the saying goes, so here are a couple of designs I did.  Enjoy, & i'm sure i'll do more soon.
Click on the templates to get full size version, then "Save As".

Comments on my progress would be appreciated, & keep coming back to visit.

The Imp - Paper Improvisation

I was reading an article made by VinsArt recently, a very cool Artist & Paper Toy aficionado from Italy.  He was talking about a holiday he had just taken.  And while relaxing in a Cafe, decided to make Paper toys with whatever he had close by.

Being an artist he had some basic tools, cutter etc. with him.  But, no planning, no software, just the paper & Imagination.

While I was sat in the Dentist waiting room last week (not as glamourous as a holiday), I was eyeing up the magazines, & thinking about improvising.  I didn't have any tools at all, but the receptionist was very kind enough to lend me a pair of scissors & a marker pen.  However, I did get a few strange looks.

After paging through a dental magazine, & finding inspiration on one of the pages.  The scissors went to work.  A few minutes later I had a paper toy.  Basic, but a toy all the same.

I wanted to share this very easy toy, but being an improv. I had to re-do the design using digital methods, but it looks very similar.  Named "The Imp", (After Improvisation) it's a 1 piece folding toy.  No glue required.  Below is a picture of the finished toy, then the templates.  As you will notice, I added extra color to the template after building mine.
You can download the Blank or the custom template by clicking on the image to get the full size version, then right click & "Save as".  Enjoy the Imp & keep following me.

Thanks to VinsArt for the Inspiration.

Weapons & Base for "Uber Leet"

Hopefully you have downloaded the template for "Uber Leet", if not, you can still get it here, then you can add this nice new Upgrade to the Gear.

I wanted to give the toy something more, to give it that RPG Character feel.  What better than two incredibly massive swords, to compliment the over sized shoulders.  Gravity however had it's own plans.

The swords looked pretty cool attached to my copy of Uber Leet.  Except that once both swords were attached, he hit the floor face 1st every time I set him down.  Hence the Base that is also on this upgrade template.

The solution was to counter balance the wieght of the swords.  I guess just like any good MMO, it has to be balanced.  I printed my base & swords on red paper to see how adding different colors, affected the look of the model.

So here it is.  Just click on the image below to get the full size version, and then right click to "Save as".  It should save as a .png image.  Cut out & fold the swords, & glue to the inside face of his hands.
Thanks for following, & enjoy the toy.  Maybe i'll try some more weapons & stuff at a later date.

Digital Graphic Art Learning Curve

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  If I followed that rule, I'd be done for.  I'm still trying to get the software & hardware that I'd like, & also a take a course to see if I can get some pointers.  But my rule is, if you don't try you'll never learn.  So, here is my 1st attempts at producing an image using digital mediums.

I've used the "Peeled Heart", one of my older tattoo designs.  This basically means it's hand drawn, then scanned in.  The rest of the work is done post scan.

The bottom image is very "Pop-Art", but fits well with the tattoo style of design that I have been used to drawing.

It seems a steep learning curve at the moment but I'll get there.

Toy No.8 - Uber Leet, the MMORPG Paper toy

Having been an avid MMORPG player for the last 4 years, I thought I should do my 1st MMO inspired toy.  "Uber Leet" is a comical gaming term.  A title generally bestowed upon a player that has the best Armor, Weapons, & skill.  Basically the whole package.

Most of my MMO time has been spent playing Guild Wars, but I have played a few other popular ones such as World of Warcraft, & Requiem.  One of my favourite  things about playing MMO's is Upgrading your gear.  Trying to get the best set of armor, & if upgrades are possible, getting as much as I can.

This is a few of my Characters that I play, & It does seem that a lot of these "Elite" armors have spikes, for visual effect, & to make you look tougher.  This is where my toy comes in.  I wanted the design to have massive shoulder pads, & lots of spikes, & look hard as nails.  I was going to name the toy "15k" due to that fact that a lot of the armors in GW are 15,000 gold per piece to craft, but I decided Uber Leet fitted better.
It may look complicated but it's quite an easy build.  The spikes & claws are the fiddliest pieces, but they are surprisingly easy.  When I looked at the 3d Model, I was worried that this would be too hard to piece together, but after a few trial builds to iron out any problems, Im happy with it.

The head slots inside the helmet, & because the helmet grips it, you dont have to glue.  This means you can make a few different heads with different eyes.  Or even leave the head out for that ghostly warrior effect.

Download the Free blank Uber Leet Here
Weapons now available also, visit this post for the Image

As always I would love to see your builds & or custom templates you create from the blank I designed.  Please email any pics or zipped templates to me if you want to share them, & I will list them here.  Thanks & Enjoy

Nice Paper Toys - Desktop Mug

I previously listed a Customisable Desktop paper mug.  You can still download the blank on that post, but here is a template for the mug with the Logo of Nice Paper Toys.

An awesome site where Artists & collectors hang out.  Promote their new toys, discuss aspects of the Urban Paper Toy culture & Information on up & coming Artist shows & Conventions.  Castleforte, the Artist & Designer who runs the site, also has a shop where you can purchase many NPT goodies, so I definitely recommend checking it out.

Download the NPT Desktop mug Here

I will list some more Images soon that can be applied to the blank template, so make sure you get it.

Toy No.7 - Customisable Skateboard

One of the things that 1st introduced me to papertoys was a Cubee template, but I came across this by accident.  What I was actually looking for was a shape & dimensions template for the deck of a skateboard so I could play around with designs. 

Instead, I decided I liked this so much more, I started to design templates for paper toys.  So to take it back to the start, here is a paper toy template for a Customisable Skateboard, complete with wheels & trucks that can be customised also.

The skateboard culture epitomises Urban design, & this is something I was interested in exploring.  There are a a lot of talented graphic artists working in this field.  So, when I had a look around at the very colorful designs that are availabe for the wheels & trucks as well as the deck itself, it was just too tempting, I had to make this available for paper.

I tried to get the structure of the model to be very sturdy, because of the long flat area, I didn't want them to be too flimsy.  There are a couple of tips on the downloadable template, plus I added some internal supports.

The model is a difficult build, due to the wheels & the edge of the deck that needs to be straight, but I hope you will think as I do that the end result is worth the effort.

So, all you skateboard designers that want to see your design on a model before it goes to the real thing, or you just wanna share your creations to the skating & paper toy world for everyone to enjoy.  Then download the template, customize all the parts, then use the Contact Me page to email me your completed Templates & or Photo's & I will share it with the world.

Enjoy the toy, as this is why im here, & I look forward to seeing some awesome designs.

The Blank download contains PDF template for hand designs, or CS4 .ai for Digital Customising.

Download your own Fully Customisable Skateboard Here
Download Crush Custom by Dan Watson Here
Download Turntable Custom by me Here

"After Folding" - Parts garage for Paper Racers

This is the "After Market" Parts garage for the Paper Racers, but we'll call it After Folding instead.  It's where you will find any Modifying parts, or extra parts, or just different designed parts.  Hopefully it will grow if everyone sends me their bodykit templates etc.  Pick up the Original Car here.

I will open up with the 1st part & it's a big thanks to for listing my toys.  A GT Wing dedicated to the awesome website we all know & love.  Just click on the pic below & it should appear the correct size for the model, then click "Save As", & choose .bmp or .PNG as .jpeg tends to lose quality.  Just replace the existing wing with this one if you want to use it on a Racer.

When I get enough parts, I will put up a batch download in .bmp & .pdf formats.  So get designing.  Just remember to use the standard car body as the size reference.

Toy No.6 - Ninja Star

A few people have asked me why I dont make customs of my own models.  Well, I do hand paint 1 for my own collection if that counts, but the simple answer is, I don't have the time.

Coming from a background of more traditional designing mediums, like Pencil or Paint.  Adding digital graphic designs on to these templates is something I am still self teaching.

As for time, I am a full time Dad at the moment.  My days are spent looking after my baby boy Wyatt, so this doesnt leave a huge amount for experimenting.  So for the moment, I create the blanks so everyone else can enjoy them.  When he gets a little older, I will surely begin customising all the old templates.

This toy I created for Wyatt, as he finds wrapping himself in a blanket while I scream "Ahhh Ninja" Hilarious.  He is my Ninja Star, now here is yours.. and yes, I customised it, but there is a blank too.

Download the Blank Ninja Star Here
Download the Custom no.1 Star Here

Enjoy as always, & thanks for all your support & downloading so far.  Any Customs you make, I would love to have the template here so contact me to get it listed.

Paper Street Racers, Fast & Foldable

One of my 1st ventures in to the designing world was creating custom drawings for Street Racers.  They could either get it made as a Vinyl Decal or if they wanted, have it air-brushed.  I was in the process of putting a car together myself at that time, but have always been into the street car scene.

My brain started to drift (no pun intended) a couple of weeks ago, about creating a basic car template.  Which then can have Body Kit parts made & added.  If you then add some artistic touches on the template, you have your very own Customised Paper toy racer.

The 1st download of this toy will include the basic car, a Wide boy kit, Air Intake for the Hood, Front splitter, & a Wing.  I will add any other parts for download as I make them.  Here is a blank example of all parts so far.

I would love to start a Paper Racer Scene.  If you feel you can design another body kit or wing.  Maybe even a roof scoop.  If enough parts are designed, no 2 racers will look alike.  Especially once custom artwork is added.  Email me any templates you make & I will add them to the "After Folding" parts collection.

Its time to find your inner Need for Speed, & get Fast & Foldable.

Download the Blank template, along with the 1st Custom Here

Any Custom templates of finished models you would like made available for download.  Send to me & I will add to the post.

Become part of the Fast & Foldable scene

Toy No.4 - Witchdokta, The Shadow Toy

Inspiration for any art including paper toys can come from anywhere.  I always browse images of popular culture & some not so popular looking for that spark to form an idea.  I was going to have this as my Halloween toy but I wasn't sure I would finish the template on time.

This toy is based on Baron Samedi the Voodoo Loa, sometimes referred to as The Shadowman.  Modern depictions of him can be found in the James Bond movie "Live & Let die." & also in a few Marvel Comics from the 1970's.

The above Painting was done by an awesome artist called Chad Savage for his Sinister Visions collection of art.  Please go check his stuff out.  It is definitely worth a look.

Now is the Shadowmans time to become a paper toy.  I based the form of the template on the most obvious points such as the big teeth & the Hat.  Although most depictions are just Black & White, im sure a custom using Colours & Patterns will look equally awesome.

I wanted to try something new for this model.  As you know, customising the blank is a big part of the paper toy culture.  With Witchdokta, the teeth are a seperate piece altogether.  This means multiple sets can be made and changed to suit you.
This one still needs painting, so I will replace the Image once it's all finished.
I have provided a link for the blank as always.  The customs will come one day.  I just don't want to produce a custom until I am happy with my own digital skills.  But for now, I always Hand-paint my toys.

Customs are welcomed, even encouraged.  As it would be nice to know that the toys I am creating are giving Joy.. even scary Joy.  Please post download links for your customs in comments.

Download the Blank in all formats Here.

Im already testing a 2nd Version of this Model.  Making the eyes on the face instead of the hat, & making the Hat removable and interchangeable, just like the teeth.  Maybe even a body & a Cape.

Box Can on Juiced 2

As i've said before, Gaming, Street Cars & Paper Toys are all interests of mine.  So here is something I did one afternoon combining all three.

The toy in question is Box Can Designed by Filippo Perin aka PHIL.  I think this is one of my personal favourite Toy designs, & has certainly been customised by a lot of talented Artists.  Well, mine isn't paper but I couldn't resist.

So I will appreciate this Street Car Decal design as I crash it into every sharp corner.

Toy No.3 - Hex the Skull, Halloween 2010

I wanted to design a skull toy for Halloween 2010, but wasn't really sure of the basic shape to use, but then I started playing around with Hexagons, and it hit me.  Why not make the body of the skull using the basic format of a 10 sided Dice, & the name Hex was born.  It's basic but looks very cool.

The teeth are just glued onto the bottom face of the model, so can be close to the front edge, or as far back as you like.  This will add to the differing looks of the Hex's.

Instead of listing all the formats, I've decided to start having one download & packaging all formats in the same zip.

Download the Blank Hex the Skull template Here

As always, please custom the template to your Hex'd hearts content, & please post your results in comments as a download link or picture.

Toy No.2 - "10-Pin" Customisable Pin Template (RETIRED)

This is a project I wanted to start for 2 reasons.  The 1st, is a customised collection of these pins on display would look awesome, in my opinion.  The 2nd is the fun factor.  If I can get enough customs made, then you can pick any 10 pins, build them, & have a cool game of Bowling in your hallway or Office.

Here is one I Hand-painted for my own display.

Im guessing a small Foam ball about the size of a Tennis ball should be a good choice of ammo.

Im sure this will bring hours of fun, so please feel free to download the best format of blank template for you, then customise & post your finished templates here in comments as a download link or picture.  Lets get this bowling ball rolling.

I retired this download in October 2011, but if you do really want it, send me an email using the Contact Tab & I will mail it back to you.  Thanks

Please include what format you would like.  For blank printing or .ai / .eps for digital customising.

Customisable Desktop Paper Mug.

There are many people who want customised mugs.  Whether it's a favourite photo, or the Company Logo, or maybe even the dog glazed onto the body of the mug.  I wanted to make something that anyone can DIY, and have a mug on the PC desk at home or work with whatever they want on it.

This Template could even be made to show a greeting & given as a novel Birthday Card to any coffee loving friends or family.

Basically paste a Picture of your choice onto the Image section of the template.  The maximum size for your image (For best placement) should be 2165 x 1018.  Just make sure you make the top & bottom of the picture on the long edge of the template.

You can even customize the whole template if you feel up to it.  I know it's not a paper toy as such, but I still hope you have some fun with it.  Post any cool designs here for everyone to check out.

Just remember it doesn't hold water.. but Pens, or Sweets are no problem.

Download your own Blank Paper Mug Here

The .eps file is available on request if you need it for customising.

Toy No.1 - Rockface, My 1st Papertoy Template

There are so many cool papertoys on the net, & I love the concept of these easy to make & very visually appealing models.  A lot of Artists have put many hours into making this a very addictive hobby.  If you are like me, then collecting the whole set of anything is a must.

So, as a beginner in the art of creating this alternative to Urban Vinyl, I've been playing around with the various software programs & designs.  Now I would like to share with you my 1st creation.

This is how it looks as a blank.  I may try & make it slightly bigger, as the base was quite fiddly.

Update on the Build
Ok, So I increased it in size & changed a few Tabs.  It's about 30% bigger than the previous model, so grab & customise Pleeeeease.

Download the Blank Rockface template Here

The .eps file is available on request if you need it for customising.