Weapons & Base for "Uber Leet"

Hopefully you have downloaded the template for "Uber Leet", if not, you can still get it here, then you can add this nice new Upgrade to the Gear.

I wanted to give the toy something more, to give it that RPG Character feel.  What better than two incredibly massive swords, to compliment the over sized shoulders.  Gravity however had it's own plans.

The swords looked pretty cool attached to my copy of Uber Leet.  Except that once both swords were attached, he hit the floor face 1st every time I set him down.  Hence the Base that is also on this upgrade template.

The solution was to counter balance the wieght of the swords.  I guess just like any good MMO, it has to be balanced.  I printed my base & swords on red paper to see how adding different colors, affected the look of the model.

So here it is.  Just click on the image below to get the full size version, and then right click to "Save as".  It should save as a .png image.  Cut out & fold the swords, & glue to the inside face of his hands.
Thanks for following, & enjoy the toy.  Maybe i'll try some more weapons & stuff at a later date.

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