Toy No.7 - Customisable Skateboard

One of the things that 1st introduced me to papertoys was a Cubee template, but I came across this by accident.  What I was actually looking for was a shape & dimensions template for the deck of a skateboard so I could play around with designs. 

Instead, I decided I liked this so much more, I started to design templates for paper toys.  So to take it back to the start, here is a paper toy template for a Customisable Skateboard, complete with wheels & trucks that can be customised also.

The skateboard culture epitomises Urban design, & this is something I was interested in exploring.  There are a a lot of talented graphic artists working in this field.  So, when I had a look around at the very colorful designs that are availabe for the wheels & trucks as well as the deck itself, it was just too tempting, I had to make this available for paper.

I tried to get the structure of the model to be very sturdy, because of the long flat area, I didn't want them to be too flimsy.  There are a couple of tips on the downloadable template, plus I added some internal supports.

The model is a difficult build, due to the wheels & the edge of the deck that needs to be straight, but I hope you will think as I do that the end result is worth the effort.

So, all you skateboard designers that want to see your design on a model before it goes to the real thing, or you just wanna share your creations to the skating & paper toy world for everyone to enjoy.  Then download the template, customize all the parts, then use the Contact Me page to email me your completed Templates & or Photo's & I will share it with the world.

Enjoy the toy, as this is why im here, & I look forward to seeing some awesome designs.

The Blank download contains PDF template for hand designs, or CS4 .ai for Digital Customising.

Download your own Fully Customisable Skateboard Here
Download Crush Custom by Dan Watson Here
Download Turntable Custom by me Here


  1. Hey Boss, tanks a lots, it´s awesome.

  2. Glad you liked it. Hope you do a Custom :)

  3. yo can u make a video on making the wheels

  4. I'll see what I can do. The wheels can be tricky, but there is a technique so i'll try & get it on video.

  5. This is awesome, really appreciate all of your hard work :] Can't wait to get my fiance to help me make this so I can customize it. :]