"After Folding" - Parts garage for Paper Racers

This is the "After Market" Parts garage for the Paper Racers, but we'll call it After Folding instead.  It's where you will find any Modifying parts, or extra parts, or just different designed parts.  Hopefully it will grow if everyone sends me their bodykit templates etc.  Pick up the Original Car here.

I will open up with the 1st part & it's a big thanks to paperkraft.net for listing my toys.  A GT Wing dedicated to the awesome website we all know & love.  Just click on the pic below & it should appear the correct size for the model, then click "Save As", & choose .bmp or .PNG as .jpeg tends to lose quality.  Just replace the existing wing with this one if you want to use it on a Racer.

When I get enough parts, I will put up a batch download in .bmp & .pdf formats.  So get designing.  Just remember to use the standard car body as the size reference.

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