Toy No.3 - Hex the Skull, Halloween 2010

I wanted to design a skull toy for Halloween 2010, but wasn't really sure of the basic shape to use, but then I started playing around with Hexagons, and it hit me.  Why not make the body of the skull using the basic format of a 10 sided Dice, & the name Hex was born.  It's basic but looks very cool.

The teeth are just glued onto the bottom face of the model, so can be close to the front edge, or as far back as you like.  This will add to the differing looks of the Hex's.

Instead of listing all the formats, I've decided to start having one download & packaging all formats in the same zip.

Download the Blank Hex the Skull template Here

As always, please custom the template to your Hex'd hearts content, & please post your results in comments as a download link or picture.