Paper Street Racers, Fast & Foldable

One of my 1st ventures in to the designing world was creating custom drawings for Street Racers.  They could either get it made as a Vinyl Decal or if they wanted, have it air-brushed.  I was in the process of putting a car together myself at that time, but have always been into the street car scene.

My brain started to drift (no pun intended) a couple of weeks ago, about creating a basic car template.  Which then can have Body Kit parts made & added.  If you then add some artistic touches on the template, you have your very own Customised Paper toy racer.

The 1st download of this toy will include the basic car, a Wide boy kit, Air Intake for the Hood, Front splitter, & a Wing.  I will add any other parts for download as I make them.  Here is a blank example of all parts so far.

I would love to start a Paper Racer Scene.  If you feel you can design another body kit or wing.  Maybe even a roof scoop.  If enough parts are designed, no 2 racers will look alike.  Especially once custom artwork is added.  Email me any templates you make & I will add them to the "After Folding" parts collection.

Its time to find your inner Need for Speed, & get Fast & Foldable.

Download the Blank template, along with the 1st Custom Here

Any Custom templates of finished models you would like made available for download.  Send to me & I will add to the post.

Become part of the Fast & Foldable scene

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