Toy No.2 - "10-Pin" Customisable Pin Template (RETIRED)

This is a project I wanted to start for 2 reasons.  The 1st, is a customised collection of these pins on display would look awesome, in my opinion.  The 2nd is the fun factor.  If I can get enough customs made, then you can pick any 10 pins, build them, & have a cool game of Bowling in your hallway or Office.

Here is one I Hand-painted for my own display.

Im guessing a small Foam ball about the size of a Tennis ball should be a good choice of ammo.

Im sure this will bring hours of fun, so please feel free to download the best format of blank template for you, then customise & post your finished templates here in comments as a download link or picture.  Lets get this bowling ball rolling.

I retired this download in October 2011, but if you do really want it, send me an email using the Contact Tab & I will mail it back to you.  Thanks

Please include what format you would like.  For blank printing or .ai / .eps for digital customising.

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