Toy No.6 - Ninja Star

A few people have asked me why I dont make customs of my own models.  Well, I do hand paint 1 for my own collection if that counts, but the simple answer is, I don't have the time.

Coming from a background of more traditional designing mediums, like Pencil or Paint.  Adding digital graphic designs on to these templates is something I am still self teaching.

As for time, I am a full time Dad at the moment.  My days are spent looking after my baby boy Wyatt, so this doesnt leave a huge amount for experimenting.  So for the moment, I create the blanks so everyone else can enjoy them.  When he gets a little older, I will surely begin customising all the old templates.

This toy I created for Wyatt, as he finds wrapping himself in a blanket while I scream "Ahhh Ninja" Hilarious.  He is my Ninja Star, now here is yours.. and yes, I customised it, but there is a blank too.

Download the Blank Ninja Star Here
Download the Custom no.1 Star Here

Enjoy as always, & thanks for all your support & downloading so far.  Any Customs you make, I would love to have the template here so contact me to get it listed.

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