The Imp - Paper Improvisation

I was reading an article made by VinsArt recently, a very cool Artist & Paper Toy aficionado from Italy.  He was talking about a holiday he had just taken.  And while relaxing in a Cafe, decided to make Paper toys with whatever he had close by.

Being an artist he had some basic tools, cutter etc. with him.  But, no planning, no software, just the paper & Imagination.

While I was sat in the Dentist waiting room last week (not as glamourous as a holiday), I was eyeing up the magazines, & thinking about improvising.  I didn't have any tools at all, but the receptionist was very kind enough to lend me a pair of scissors & a marker pen.  However, I did get a few strange looks.

After paging through a dental magazine, & finding inspiration on one of the pages.  The scissors went to work.  A few minutes later I had a paper toy.  Basic, but a toy all the same.

I wanted to share this very easy toy, but being an improv. I had to re-do the design using digital methods, but it looks very similar.  Named "The Imp", (After Improvisation) it's a 1 piece folding toy.  No glue required.  Below is a picture of the finished toy, then the templates.  As you will notice, I added extra color to the template after building mine.
You can download the Blank or the custom template by clicking on the image to get the full size version, then right click & "Save as".  Enjoy the Imp & keep following me.

Thanks to VinsArt for the Inspiration.

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