Toy No.8 - Uber Leet, the MMORPG Paper toy

Having been an avid MMORPG player for the last 4 years, I thought I should do my 1st MMO inspired toy.  "Uber Leet" is a comical gaming term.  A title generally bestowed upon a player that has the best Armor, Weapons, & skill.  Basically the whole package.

Most of my MMO time has been spent playing Guild Wars, but I have played a few other popular ones such as World of Warcraft, & Requiem.  One of my favourite  things about playing MMO's is Upgrading your gear.  Trying to get the best set of armor, & if upgrades are possible, getting as much as I can.

This is a few of my Characters that I play, & It does seem that a lot of these "Elite" armors have spikes, for visual effect, & to make you look tougher.  This is where my toy comes in.  I wanted the design to have massive shoulder pads, & lots of spikes, & look hard as nails.  I was going to name the toy "15k" due to that fact that a lot of the armors in GW are 15,000 gold per piece to craft, but I decided Uber Leet fitted better.
It may look complicated but it's quite an easy build.  The spikes & claws are the fiddliest pieces, but they are surprisingly easy.  When I looked at the 3d Model, I was worried that this would be too hard to piece together, but after a few trial builds to iron out any problems, Im happy with it.

The head slots inside the helmet, & because the helmet grips it, you dont have to glue.  This means you can make a few different heads with different eyes.  Or even leave the head out for that ghostly warrior effect.

Download the Free blank Uber Leet Here
Weapons now available also, visit this post for the Image

As always I would love to see your builds & or custom templates you create from the blank I designed.  Please email any pics or zipped templates to me if you want to share them, & I will list them here.  Thanks & Enjoy

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