Customisable Desktop Paper Mug.

There are many people who want customised mugs.  Whether it's a favourite photo, or the Company Logo, or maybe even the dog glazed onto the body of the mug.  I wanted to make something that anyone can DIY, and have a mug on the PC desk at home or work with whatever they want on it.

This Template could even be made to show a greeting & given as a novel Birthday Card to any coffee loving friends or family.

Basically paste a Picture of your choice onto the Image section of the template.  The maximum size for your image (For best placement) should be 2165 x 1018.  Just make sure you make the top & bottom of the picture on the long edge of the template.

You can even customize the whole template if you feel up to it.  I know it's not a paper toy as such, but I still hope you have some fun with it.  Post any cool designs here for everyone to check out.

Just remember it doesn't hold water.. but Pens, or Sweets are no problem.

Download your own Blank Paper Mug Here

The .eps file is available on request if you need it for customising.