Monster Truck - Magma Custom

Finally, I finished a new custom.  Fingers crossed my work will be more frequent again.  With that said, here it is.  A custom of the most recent blank I did, The Monster Truck.

I did a lot of it in Photoshop instead of Illustrator like usual, & was able to use a Magma texture I created, which is something I wanted to do for a long time.

I hope you like it, and thanks for visiting me.  Please pick up the Blank, and have a go at making your own design, then let me know so I can share it here with everyone.

Download your own Magma Monster Truck custom Here

Woodhaven Warriors Logo

I recently came across a post on Photoshop Guru's, asking for help with a logo.  The logo was for Woodhaven Warriors.   They already have a logo, but they were struggling to increase the size to 10" for a Jacket embroidery template.

I really enjoy doing pen tool vectors, so I jumped at the chance to help.  I traced the small image, rounding off some of the finer details.  The end result was a 10" vector of the Native American Cheif.

The actual image needed to be in white so I gave it a background to make it visible for general viewing.  I can't wait to see the Jacket they make with this on the back.

So, If your in the area of Woodhaven, go and support the teams, & say Hi from Me.

Magic Wand Image

Just posting an image to show progression in the Photoshop skills.  It's a Wand from Guild Wars that was drawn as a Vector in Illustrator, but I exported it to Photoshop & added some effects.
Quite basic, but I'm trying to work through all the basic skills that I need to get proficient in.  Then hopefully one day, I can achieve the level of skill I'd like to be at.