Ye-Bot by Marko Zubak - Drift Racer Custom

This template has always been one of my favourites.  I'm slowly working through all the templates I like, customising them one by one.

This time it's the Ye-Bot by Marko Zubak.  With it's big round body, I couldn't resist but go with the whole Car wheel thing.  So Drift Racer came about, as I used an older car tattoo of mine which fitted very nice.
The wheel was a challenge, but fun to do.  I like seeing big Chrome on a car, so I wanted to get it just right.  The design is based around the 2011 Cadillac Escalade 22 Inch Chrome Wheel - CK366.

Please visit Marko's site & download the Custom, & check out all the other cool things while you are there.

Hex the Skull - Dia de los Muertos Custom

Ever since designing Hex, I've wanted to do a Sugar skull custom on it.  This is how it turned out.  I had no real plan, I sketched some basic curves & lines, then basically went on from there.
Sugar skulls are decorated skulls made from sugar.  The skull represents the death, & the sugar represents how sweet life is.  They are used as part of the "Dia de los Muertos" in Mexico, on the 2nd November.

This give you plenty of time to download & build the skull.  The download contains the Blank version, so you can even make your own, just remember to send me Photo's using the Contact Tab

Download the Hex - Dia de los Muertos Custom Here

Bottle of Awesome Sauce

I had this template started so long ago, but there was a couple of problems in the model I couldn't sort, & also I wasn't ready to custom it.  I worked out how to solve the issues on the 3D model, & I couldn't wait custom the blank, so here it is.  A bottle of Awesome Sauce.

The term is used a lot in gaming, or at least it is when I play :), but it's basically used to imply that something is the best it could be.
The "1337" featured in the barcode is also a gaming term.  It's the number used to say "Leet" which is short for Elite.

Enjoy your Awesome sauce.  The download also contains the Blank in .png, .eps, & CS4 .ai format.

Download the Awesome Sauce template Here

Genetically Altered - Pinhead, Killer Series No.2

Ok, as promised, the 2nd in the Killer Series of Genetically Altered Customs.  This one is the unmistakeable Pinhead, from the Hellraiser Movie franchise... and with actual pins.

I didn't see any better way of completeing the model, except by using pins.  Small tubes of rolled up paper was one of my options but I didn't like the look of it.  I'm sure if you're going to also use pins they are readily available from department stores.  Just be careful when inserting them, we don't want any accidents.

Watch out for more customs in this Killer Series, your visits are always appreciated.

Download Genetically Altered - Pinhead, Killer Series No.2 Here

Le'Geg by Bodickraft - Slamdunk Custom

I've been customising a few templates by other very cool Paper-toy artists recently.  The 1st of which is Le'Geg by Bodickraft.  You may remember that he did the very 1st Genetically Altered Custom called Bad-Day.  Now I have returned the favour.

My idea was to give it a Basketball theme as the toy is quite tall & slim.  So, I designed the Backboard & Hoop artwork, & called the template SlamDunk.  The whole thing was a pleasure to do.  It's a great template to customise as the shapes are very nice to work with.
Enjoy the toy, & please visit Bodickraft blog to download & check out his other toys while you are there.

Download the Le'Geg SlamDunk custom Here