Happy 2015 to all

Hi everyone.

Happy New Year to all my readers, new ones & returning ones alike. Yes, I know, it's been extremely quiet on the blog front recently.  I've been very busy with creating a new project for Photoshop.  This is a collection of styles, textures, images etc, that can be used for Digital Scrap-booking.

Very different to paper toys, but I do intend on creating some more of those when I can.  My goal is to put all these items together in a new website.  Some of the PSD files for Scrap-booking will be for sale, but there will also be a lot of free stuff, and all the paper toys will remain free as always.

Although they are designed with scrap-booking in mind, the items can be used for any digital application, such as Apps or Website design.

This will be my 5th year working with Ai & Ps, and my level of skill has increased from "staring at the screen with a blank look on my face, completely lost." to where I am today.

Hopefully in another 5yrs, I will have taken over the world.. Mwahhahahaa..