Throwback, the Evolutionary Mutation

From the Paper DNA Lab that created Genetically Altered, comes Throwback.  During their experiments, a few mutations where created before they reached the perfect Specimen.  The 1st of which is Throwback.

Ape like in appearance, with his dragging knuckles, & large shoulders, He relies on Brawn not Brains.
Although I have decided to focus on Genetically Altered, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a bit of back story, including the Lab that created him, & a few of the other Mutations that were also created as a result.  I will see where this idea goes over the next few months.

The template has a a lot of nice shapes.  The edging can be tricky to do, but patience & perseverance is the key.  The download contains .png files for easy Print & Build, & I have included the .eps for easier digital customising.

Download your Blank Throwback Here

Please share any Pictures & Custom Templates with me, so I can post them here to share with everyone.

Here are a couple of pictures sent in by Andrew Shulyk from Vinnitsa in the Ukraine.  Made from Blue cardstock with eyes & mouth added using extra paper.

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