Vector - Genetically Altered Illustrator Symbols

I can't seem to leave Illustrator (CS4) alone at the moment.  I guess it's because i'm finally starting to get to grips with it, & discovering just how powerful it is for creating Graphics.

I wanted a couple of Logo style images that I could use as my own resource when creating templates for Genetically Altered.  After a day of playing around with various features, I came up with these.
This image is a .png preview of the Illustrator Symbols, so you can click to get full size, & Save.

The one on the left I tried to resemble almost an Urban Vinyl appearance, & the right hand one is just a Silhouette.

The Illustrator CS4 file can be Downloaded from my deviantART page.

If you use them in anything, please just let me see the result, & maybe a link to this blog.  Thanks

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