DNA changes for Genetically Altered

After some experimenting with Genetically Altereds' Paper DNA, I made a few slight changes that I believe are improvements on the model.  The body is now identical at the Front & Back, plus the arms are more rounded at the hand & he has grown shoulders.
I don't have any plans to reshape his DNA again, so this will be the final shape for this toy.  I think you will agree with me that this shape is an improvement.

This download comes with a .png format with basic instructions, plus the .eps for those that may find this format easier for Customising.  I have also included all current accessories, but only in .png format.

With this new DNA, & all the accessories, there are so many customising options, & i'm sure there are many things you can do with this model that aren't listed here.  Seeing this toy customised over & over again is the reason I created it, & list it for free.  So, build away & share with me all your creations.

Download your own Blank Genetically Altered with reshaped DNA Here
Download the Mutant 14" version of this template Here

There are No Limits, just your Imagination

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