Genetically Altered - Speaker Phone Custom

I was looking for inspiration on a custom for this template, & the idea of the phone buttons sprung to mind.  After which, adding speakers seemed a good move, hence the name Speaker Phone.  This custom is also on the new shape of Genetically Altered.

I have added customisation to a couple of my templates before now, but nothing too fancy.  This is the 1st custom done purely in Illustrator.  There is a long way to go before I get to the level of proficiency I want to be, but I have grasped the basics & that is a start.
After building the model featured in the above photo.  I made a few changes to the buttons & the Gradient on the head piece, before creating the PDF for the model.

While doing the custom, I wasn't too happy with the speakers I made, so I used a Vector resource from Dragonartz.  If it's vector resource you're after, I would recommend this site as there are some amazing vectors on there.  So I gotta say thx for the speaker.

Download the Speaker Phone custom Here
Download the Blank for this template Here
Download the Mutant 14" Blank Here

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