Baseball Caps Series One

The Baseball Cap template of mine has been around for a while now, & it's about time I shared some Customs with you.  The 1st custom I did, was a special for, & will be available exclusively from the site.

This bundle contains the Blank, so you can do your own version, plus 8 other Customs which I've listed under the Image.  I've also added a link at the bottom of the post for the Illustrator CS4 .ai file, so you can do a digital custom.  If you want your custom adding to Series 2, just email me the finished template.
Series One

Blank by Sinner
Burn Rubber by Sinner
Cross by Greenelf
Digital Hero by Sinner
Greenelf by Greenelf
Jack Skellington by Sinner
Mo-Money by Greenelf
R2-D2 by Sinner
Stars by Margaret293

The picture only shows 4 of them so download the whole set & build to see the rest.  Have fun, & send me any pics or templates of your own designs to share on this blog.

A big thankyou to Greenelf & Margaret293 for the customs on this Series, I really appreciate it.

Download Baseball Caps Series One Here
Download CS4 Illustrator Blank template Here


  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper toy at my collection blog: Baseball Cap Papercrafts

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