Genetically Altered - Jason Vorhees, Killer Series No.1

After recently posting a Jason Vorhees Mask as an Accessory for Genetically Altered, a friend of mine suggested to do the full custom.  I thought about the idea, then decided, I want to do a few others & they all seem to have a theme, so the "Killer Series" begins.

No.1 is Jason Vorhees, from "Friday the 13th" Movies.  The reason I did Jason 1st, he is 1 of the most popular icons of recent Horror Movie Killers.
While humming "The man behind the mask" by Alice Cooper & making random "Ch ch ch, Ah ah ah" sounds, I managed to produce my most detailed custom so far.  Time has always been an issue & not having a lot to experiment, it's taken me a while to get to this point, but the learning curve has taken a steep rise recently & I understand the in's & out's of Illustrator a whole lot better than I used to.

Killer Series - well as I said, I'm starting this series with Jason, but look out for Pinhead from the Hellraiser Movies, & an old favourite of mine Baron Samedi from Voodoo lore, & an appearance in "Live & Let Die" the James Bond Movie.  I will have to come up with a couple more also, so definitely sign up by email on the blog so you can be the 1st to get them.

Download Killer series No.1, Jason Vorhees Here

Enjoy as always, & keep visiting me :)

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