Friday the 13th - Jason Vorhees Mask & Dagger

This is a customised Accessory for Genetically Altered, but it looks pretty cool on it's own.

While I was creating the blank version for the upcoming collection of Extra Parts for Altered, I couldn't resist trying a custom myself.  The Mask template can be used for any type of custom, like a Predator Mask for example, but when I made the shape, I had Jason Vorhees in mind.

I hit a few hiccups along the way which took a bit of "How to do" type searching on the internet for tutorials, but it got finished, & here is my paper version on the Iconic Hockey Mask.  As you will see, I also added the Knife.  So, grab yourself a blank Genetically Altered, and jazz it up with a bit of Gruesome goodness.
 Just click the Image for the full-size version, & Right Click to Save.

The Blank has been added to a six page pack currently W.i.P of Parts & Accessories.  I will do a PDF of the blanks to print & build.  Plus, i'm going to add the .ai & .eps file for easier customising.  Keep checking back, as i'm adding stuff all the time for Genetically Altered.

Full on customs are in the pipeline.  all along the same gruesome theme.  Im going to finish Jason, plus I plan to do Pinhead from Hellraiser, & of course the Archetype Witchdoctor.

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