Genetically Altered - Blank 14" Mutant Version

Last month I posted a version on this toy that was 14" Tall & had a Camoflage skin.  I didn't have the blank ready though, because I had already decided I was going to change a few things on the template.  After re-doing the template as the standard size, now the Mutant Version is available.

Standing at just over 14 Inches Tall, this is such a cool toy to see built.  As a bonus, it will stand perfectly on the Paper Skateboard, which you can also download if you haven't already.  Get the Blank Board Here or the Crush Custom Board Here.

I have a custom in mind for this already.  How long it will take me to do is another matter, but it will be worked on.  I am currently going through all the accessories for the Standard Version, and creating .ai templates for them so they can be customised.  Once that is done, I can work our the scale difference & make them for this template.  So accessories will come.

Download your own Blank Genetically Altered 14" Mutant Here

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