Le'Geg by Bodickraft - Slamdunk Custom

I've been customising a few templates by other very cool Paper-toy artists recently.  The 1st of which is Le'Geg by Bodickraft.  You may remember that he did the very 1st Genetically Altered Custom called Bad-Day.  Now I have returned the favour.

My idea was to give it a Basketball theme as the toy is quite tall & slim.  So, I designed the Backboard & Hoop artwork, & called the template SlamDunk.  The whole thing was a pleasure to do.  It's a great template to customise as the shapes are very nice to work with.
Enjoy the toy, & please visit Bodickraft blog to download & check out his other toys while you are there.

Download the Le'Geg SlamDunk custom Here

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