Baseball Cap Template

A template for a paper baseball cap isn't a new thing.  There are others that have been designed previously, but I wanted to make one that is less "Chibby" style & more realisticly shaped.

After building the test model pictured below, I removed all the fold lines from the template, apart from the glue tab fold lines.  I didn't make any folds on the actual model itself, so I decided the weren't required.  The result was a nicely rounded cap with a peak that has a bevel to it, just like a real one.
There are a lot of design possibilities with a baseball cap, so have lots of fun with it.  The download below contains both .png & a CS4 .ai formats, and I would love to see some customs of this one.

Download your blank Paper Baseball Cap template Here

Series One of the customs is also now available.

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