Toy No.10 - Shrunken Head

Ok, Toy No.10 already.  This one was originally planned to be for Halloween 2010, but it got shelfed for a while in favor of other templates.  I didn't want to wait another whole year before finishing it off, so here it is.

I wanted to try something uncommon with this template, meaning the Hair.  I like to experiment, & see where it goes.  I was very happy with the outcome of this.  I have built 1 for my own collection as always, but I used Pre-textured paper to print on to get the custom effect.

I'm currently on a 6 month subscription to, after which I will hopefully begin to concentrate more on customising existing templates rather than designing new blanks.  For now though I have this one & a couple more up my sleeve still.
As you can see the hair is crazy on this model, and is most definitely the focus point.  The beauty of this is, you can use any color paper you want for the hair as there is no actual template, just instructions to follow.  Once done, you can even try styling it.  I always like to give options for uniqueness.

Download your Shrunken Head template Here

Enjoy the toy & don't forget to Share customs or pics with me.

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