Paper Jumping Bean

I've decided not to number the toys any more, as not all the templates I make are toys.  That way there is less categorising.

Anyways, on with the posting.  This is a template I wanted to do from the beginning, but favouring other models, & wanting to get more experience 1st.  I only got round to completing it over the Xmas holidays.

The concept of a small Jumping Bean toy was around when I was a small child, & that's a long time ago.  Im sure that that wasn't the 1st time either.

The original jumping bean is an actual bean found in Mexico.  A species of Moth lays it's eggs inside the bean & as the larvea moved around, the bean has the appearance of jumping.

There is a very collectible plastic collection of jumping beans currently on the toy Market called Mighty Beanz.  As you will see from them, the customisation possibilities are very great.  So, here is the Paper version of an old school toy.  You will require a large marble or large rubber super ball, to make it work, but it's a lot of fun once built.

Once built, try rolling it down a sloped surface for best results.

Download your blank Paper Jumping Bean Here

Enjoy the toy, & as always Share any custom templates or pics with me to place on this blog

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